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Users can log into ProcessMaker from a standard web browser. Open either Internet Explorer (version 7 or later) or Mozilla Firefox (any version) and enter the IP address of the server where ProcessMaker is installed:


If running ProcessMaker from the local machine, use "http://localhost". If not running ProcessMaker from the default port 80, also specify the port number. For instance, if running ProcessMaker at the IP address from the port 8080, then enter "".

If only the IP address or domain name is included in the URL, the web browser will automatically redirect to the ProcessMaker login screen at:


Enter a username and password. If the workspace was not included in the URL, also select the workspace, which by default is "workflow".

If ProcessMaker was just installed and logging in for the first time, enter the following credentials:

User: admin
Password: admin
Workspace: workflow

Once logged in as the "admin" user, create new users in ProcessMaker.

During your first login, be sure to change the admin's password for greater security.


Once users have been created, they will be able to login with their own usernames and passwords. To customize what types of passwords can be used, see Customizing Authentication.

The login URL can be customized by the user to automatically select the workspace, language and skin used by ProcessMaker:


If the workspace isn't specified in the login URL, then it will have to be selected at each login. The default workspace is "workflow", but other workspaces can be defined to divide up processes into more logical groupings. For more information, see Workspaces.

The user is can select an available interface language from a dropdown box when logging in (as long as the PO translation file for that language has already been imported into ProcessMaker). The language can also be specified as a 2 letter 639-1 ISO language code in the login URL. See Adding Languages to ProcessMaker for more information.


A System Information link will appear at the bottom of the login screen to provide information about the configuration of the system and the version of ProcessMaker. If the workspace is specified in the login URL, then information will be provided about the database as well. (Prior to version 1.2-2740, the System Information link was only available if the workspace was specified in the login URL.)


The visual appearance of ProcessMaker can be changed by specifying a skin in the login URL. Only the "green" skin is available by default, but new skins can be created. See ProcessMaker Skins for more information.

For instance, if using ProcessMaker in French with the "rtl" skin on the "accounting" workspace at the address, then login at:

After logging in, users with the PROCESSMAKER_OPERATOR and the PROCESSMAKER_MANAGER roles are automatically directed to the Cases List. In ProcessMaker version 1.2-3862Beta and later, it is located at the address:


Before version 1.2-3862Beta, the cases list was found at:


Users with the PROCESSMAKER_ADMIN role or the PM_FACTORY permission in their role are automatically directed to the PROCESSES menu after logging in, which is located at the address:


To change where ProcessMaker directs the web browser after login, add the address of the next screen to the login URL:


Do not include the IP address in <NEXT-ADDRESS> and make sure that the address begins with a / (slash).

For example, if wanting to go directly to the USERS LIST after login to the ProcessMaker server in the example above:
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