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The combination of ProcessMaker BPM software, which simplifies workflow through the automation of paper-based processes, with KnowledgeTree’s open source document management software, delivers a tool that will allow businesses to bring together workflow and document management capabilities to design and manage business processes, and to seamlessly file, store and retrieve mission-critical documents.

ProcessMaker 1.2 and 1.6 offers a plugin to integrate with KnowledgeTree 3.5, so that users can upload, store, and organize documents from ProcessMaker workflows and cases in KnowledgeTree. Note that later versions of KnowledgeTree are not compatible with the ProcessMaker plugin. If using ProcessMaker 2.X, see this page.

A demo video is available which shows the technical and functional aspects of the ProcessMaker-KnowledgeTree integration, explains the plugin configuration, and shows a use case example. The demo lasts 05:20.

How the plugin works

The ProcessMaker plugin connects to Knowledgetree and creates a folder for each ProcessMaker process. The folder name is assigned according to the Process Name in ProcessMaker. This action occurs when a New Case starts.

After folders are created, for each "New Case" the plugin creates a new folder inside the parent "Process Folder" corresponding to the case. This folder is named according to the Case Name in ProcessMaker.

Future Developments

  • We plan to add check-in and check-out functions for documents in the next version of this plugin.


  • Access to a KnowledgeTree Server is necessary. Users must have permission to add documents.
  • The ProcessMaker - KnowledgeTree plugin must be installed. It is available at Sourceforge


  • Go to the ADMIN --> PLUGIN menu and click on IMPORT. Select the knowledgeTree-x.x-xx.tar file.


  • Enable and set up the plugin and enter the required parameters.


    • KTWebService WSDL : Url in the KnowledgeTree system for the KT web service WSD
    • KTWebService WSDL : Url in the KnowledgeTree system for document uploads. Here there is a difference, because the “add document” process in KT has two stages (the first uploads the document, and the second registers the document in a folder with the associated data and metadata). This parameter refers the first stage.
    • KT User: User in KT with permission to add documents.
    • KT Password: Password for the KT user.
    • KT Folder ID: An existing folder ID in KT where the documents will be stored (for example a folder named "ProcessMaker").
  • After setting up the plugin configuration, you can start a "New Case" in ProcessMaker for a given "Process". You will then see that in KT that a "New folder" is created with the Process Name, and inside it there is another subfolder with the Case Name.


SOAP in KnowledgeTree

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