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In order to install the following ProcessMaker Enterprise Edition: v 2.8, v 2.9 and v. 3.0, check to see whether your server meets the necessary hardware and software requirements, which are listed below.


Hardware Requirements

For personal use, ProcessMaker can be installed on any computer with a modern CPU and 2GB of RAM in Windows, Linux or UNIX with the following components:

  • Mouse.
  • Keyboard.

For production use, the hardware requirements may vary based on the number of concurrent users, repository size and system configuration. Larger implementations may require some configuration tuning to perform optimally. For more information, see ProcessMaker Server Sizing. For production use, it is recommended that ProcessMaker be installed in a dedicated server or virtual machine, preferably in Linux.

Software Requirements

  • An operating system capable of running Apache and PHP, such as Linux, UNIX or Windows.
  • Apache 2.2.3 with the following modules enabled:
    • deflate
    • expires
    • rewrite
    • vhost_alias
Note: If using Apache 2.4, also enable the filter module.
  • PHP 5.3 if using ProcessMaker v.2.8 and PHP 5.3 and 5.4 if using ProcessMaker v. 2.9 and v.3.0 with the following modules enabled:
    • fileinfo
    • mysql
    • xml
    • mbstring
    • mcrypt
    • soap (necessary if using web services)
    • ldap (necessary if integrating with LDAP or Active Directory)
    • gd (recommended if using Events)
    • curl (necessary for uploading/downloading files)
    • In addition, install PHP's command line interface (CLI)f planning on using Events, the Case Scheduler, Notifications, workspace backup/restore, or developing plugins.

Note: PHP 5.5 has not been tested yet.

  • MySQL 5.1.6 if using ProcessMaker v.2.8 and MySQL 5.1 and 5.5.x using ProcessMaker v. 2.9 and v.3.0
  • If planning to connect to external databases, install the client software and/or PHP modules for Oracle, SQL Server or PostgreSQL.

Tested Server Configuration

See Supported Stacks guide.

Browser Compatibility

See Supported Browsers guide.

In addition, this version comes with an Automatic Detection of Supported Browsers, meaning that if the browser it is not compatible with ProcessMaker a message will display. Even if this warning is displayed, users will still be able to login to ProcessMaker, however some functionalities may not work as expected.