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Plugins allow additional functionality and interface customization into ProcessMaker. The main goal of plugins is to add new features to ProcessMaker. For Enterprise plugins, review the Enterprise Manager Tool.

Note: From version on, users must have the PM_SETUP_PLUGINS permission assigned to their role to access the ADMIN >Plugins tab.

List of Plugins

To see the list of plugins installed in ProcessMaker, go to the ADMIN menu and click on Plugins tab in the left sidebar:

Then, click on the icon to see the plugins panel, which shows a list of the installed plugins.

Import a Plugin

To import a new plugin, click on the "Import" button in the toolbar. Then, select a plugin's tar file to upload to ProcessMaker.

Note: Take into consideration that the name of the plugin must not contain the word "Plugin" since it is a reserved word of ProcessMaker.

Configure a Plugin

This option will be available if a plugin contains a package of many plugins inside. Choose a plugin from the list and then click on "Configure" button, a new list with many plugins will display.

Enable and Disable a Plugin

The current status of a plugin is displayed as Enabled or Disabled in the Plugin Manager list. When disabled, the plugin can not be used.

To change the status of a plugin, select that plugin in the list. When a plugin is selected in the list, the "Status" option in the toolbar will change to "Enable" or "Disable", depending on the plugin's current status.

  • To enable a disabled plugin, click on the "Enable" button.
  • To disable an enabled plugin, click on the "Disable" button.

Delete a Plugin

To delete a plugin, select the plugin in the Plugin Manager list and then click on the "Delete" button in the toolbar.

Confirm the deletion by clicking on the Yes button.