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New Feature: This functionality is available as of ProcessMaker 3.1. Standard, Corporate and Enterprise editions.

The Process Validator feature is a flow validator that warns the user about missing or bad flow processes diagrams that may cause ProcessMaker not to work properly when running a case.

Elements will show an small icon at the top of the element when a flow configuration is not valid and should be re-designed. This feature displays an icon that can be a red circle meaning there is an error in the diagram that will make cases not run, or it can be an alert triangle that stands for problems that might break the case flow.

Process Validator messages are shown in the following cases:

Error Messages:

  • The configuration of the element is not completed and required configuration is missing.
  • Invalid defined connectors.

Warning Messages:

  • The process can execute but it's recommended to complete the configuration.
  • The BPMN design recommendations are not followed.

All these messages are detailed on the Validator section. To display it, click the Validator icon on the Shapes Toolbox and the Validator section will appear at the bottom of the page.

  • #: Number of the message.
  • Type:The type of the validation message, it can be Error or Warning.
  • Element: Name of the element where the validation message is shown.
  • Element Type: Type of the element.
  • Description: Process Validator Message.

To close it, just click the Validator icon again.

Take into consideration that the Process Validator only warns the user. However, it does not forbid the user from saving or executing his/her process just as it is if the user desires so. It does not interfiere with any back-end functionality.

Multi-language support in Process Validator Messages