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This page outlines all the compatible content and file extensions (white list) that can be uploaded with ProcessMaker 3.3.1 and later versions. The following are the file extensions with their corresponding MIME types permitted in the application.

Note: This white list applies only for ProcessMaker 3.3.1 and later.

File Extension White List

Add the following lists of permitted content and file extensions to your env.ini file in order to permit these file types to be uploaded to ProcessMaker:

ProcessMaker’s Extensions

These are the file extensions and content that ProcessMaker uses:

'dat' => 'text/plain', 'pm' => ['text/plain', 'application/octet-stream'], 'pmp' => ['application/xml', 'text/xml', 'text/html'], Available Version: As of ProcessMaker 3.3.7. 'pmt' => 'text/plain', 'pmx' => ['application/xml', 'text/xml', 'text/html'], 'pmx2' => ['application/xml', 'text/xml', 'text/html'], 'po' => 'text/x-po',

Apache’s Source

This page maps Internet media types to unique file extensions. This page contains both registered and (common) unregistered types:

'application/andrew-inset' => 'ez', 'application/applixware' => 'aw', 'application/atom+xml' => 'atom', 'application/atomcat+xml' => 'atomcat', 'application/atomsvc+xml' => 'atomsvc', ....

See this page the complete list of supported Apache MIME types.

Additional Extensions

This page maps SitePoint extension types that ProcessMaker 3.3.1 and later supports that are not listed in the Apache Source:

'3dm' => 'x-world/x-3dmf', '3dmf' => 'x-world/x-3dmf', 'a' => 'application/octet-stream', 'aab' => 'application/x-authorware-bin', 'aam' => 'application/x-authorware-map', ....

See this page for the complete list of supported SitePoint MIME types.