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In this hotfix, only two bugs fixes was added, because they were considered important for our Enterprise Cloud clients.


ProcessMaker v. 2.5.2

Command to apply the Hotfix:

./processmaker hotfix-install <hotfixfilename>

Complete List of Hotfixes

Problems displaying Grids in PDF and Doc documents

Problem:When grids are included inside the Output document template they are not displaying correctly when generating the document either in PDF or DOC format
Solution:Break Lines were fixed.

In the conditional event or timer the dropdown lists a value of 0

When creating the conditional event or timer, in the dropdown triggers have the “value of 0”
Solution: The array, where the list of values is displayed, was fixed.


Known Issues

  • Ordering by dates in the process list is not working
  • Rename option inside documents, has unnecessary alerts.
  • The configuration of the "Adjust the grid width to the width of the main form" option doesn't work in User Experience skin.
  • Cases created using the cron do not insert their reference in the Report Table
  • Unable to activate MSSQL extension through Windows


  • Starting with this release QA is being performed in PHP 5.3.x (and we plan to start tests for PHP 5.4).
    This means that PHP 5.2.x is not anymore a recommended version.
  • To verify ProcessMaker folder, it is necessary enable all written permission for the apache user.
  • It is recommended to switch ProcessMaker to the same language when creating and editing processes, since ProcessMaker DOES NOT support
    multilingual in tasks and their respective descriptions. For example, if production users will be using ProcessMaker in French, then design their
    processes with the ProcessMaker interface switched to French.