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For this hotfix 44 bugs were fixed.


ProcessMaker v. 2.5.2

Command to apply the Hotfix:

./processmaker hotfix-install <hotfixfilename>

Fixed bugs list:

  • 12394 Header get lost in Chrome Browser.

  • 13436 ProcessMaker 2.x Authenticated PHP Code Execution

  • 13606 Enable entry of '+' character in email fields

  • 13708 When editing the a field of Varchar type, the size is blocked in a Report Table.

  • 13709 Forgot Password: Functionality error

  • 13712 Manual assignment doesn't validate when you don't select a user for the next task

  • 13727 The user list when creating a Dashboard is not ordered alphabetically.

  • 13808 The generated trigger has errors in the sender email.

  • 13839 Javascript tab doesn't work inside the Grid Editor

  • 13860 Format in grid dates.

  • 13862 PM fails importing plugins (workaround provided)

  • 13873 In the process list the order does not take into account all the elements

  • 13892 Missing Label in notifications tab

  • 13915 The 'workspace-restore' action changes the current files structure

  • 13935 output Doc - pmGrids not displayed correctly in both PDF and DOC

  • 13938 Line error_reporting(E_ALL) in cron.php and cron_single.php is generating unnecessary errors

  • 13941 Roles and Permissions not working

  • 13942 Wrong generation of output document in Processmaker v 2.5.2

  • 13974  Error in triggers in lines of code commented

  • 13975 Error restoring workspaces when the mysql password has special chars

  • 13979 JavaScript error while trying to print a Dynaform form the preview

  • 14005 Emergence sub-programs in mobile mode

  • 14025 Ability to apply conditional show/hide when re-viewing 'participated cases'/dynaforms

  • 14035 When creating the conditional event or timer, in the dropdown triggers have the “value of 0”

  • 14036 List of triggers not populated in 'Execute trigger' tab while creating Intermediate Conditional Event

  • 14043 Simplified User Experience

  • 14044 The description in input documents doesn't work in arabic language

  • 14050 Grid issue

  • 14060 Ordering "Dynaform" dropdown menu

  • 14066 Admin users are able to switch the interface to use experience skin

  • 14093 User is able to delete groups and it is being used by a process.

  • 14102 The LOGIN_LOG table stores the wrong IP

  • 14130 Date is not showing correctly in process map with unread new cases.

  • 14140 When clicking on "Next Step" to go forward the message Do you want to save changes? is displayed

  • 14141:In the PM step tree the following message is displayed "Do you want to save changes?

  • 14273 Error executing events with PMFSendMessage

  • 14325 When using the variable picker, the system variable option shows all variables including dyanform variables.

  • 14386 Dates in Spanish language (Windows server).

  • 14387 The Inbox is not working properly.

  • 14398 Mandatory upload field - Error message displays Technical fields name instead of it label.

  • 14414 It is not possible to import,export,delete,data,edit in a Report Table

  • 14431 Case title distorts if a character is using in the name.

  • 14476 Condition Editor is not working inside Dynaform Design Preview.

  • 14788 Error in required fields.



Known Issues:

  • 13711  Ordering by dates in the process list is not working

  • 13683  Rename option inside documents,  has unnecessary alerts.

  • 13738  The configuration of the "Adjust the grid width to the width of the main form" option

doesn't work in User Experience skin

  • 12819 Cases created using the cron do not insert their reference in the Report Table

  • 13811 Unable to activate MSSQL extension through Windows


The reported issue 13811 is working properly on Linux, but not in Windows. In version 2.5.3, the extension will be working properly on Windows Installations.




  • Starting with this release QA is being performed in PHP 5.3.x (and we plan to start tests for PHP

5.4). This means that PHP 5.2.x is no longer a recommended version.


  • In order to verify the ProcessMaker folder, in Linux it is necessary to enable all write permissions (770) for the Apache service user (i.e. apache, www-root).


  • It is recommended to always keep ProcessMaker´s UI in the same language for both: developing processes and running cases, since ProcessMaker DOES NOT have support for multilingual task labels and descriptions.For example, if production users will be using ProcessMaker in French, then design their processes with the ProcessMaker interface switched to French.

  • The issue 14414 is only for PHP 5.4.x


Languages (


  • English (Default core language)

  • Spanish (Updated for 2.5.2)