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In this hotfix 41 bugs were included. For more information check the list below. Moreover, the list of bugs included in previous versions were also listed inside the Fixed bugs list v. section.


ProcessMaker requirements

  • ProcessMaker v. 2.5.2
  • Command to apply the Hotfix:

./processmaker hotfix-install <hotfixfilename>

Browser Compatibility

  • Firefox last version (v28)
  • Chrome last version (v34)
  • Internet Explorer v.8.0 and 9.0

Fixed bugs list v.

  • History log does not reflect correct historical data.
  • Advanced Search "Current User" Column does not show the correct information.
  • Error restoring workspaces when the mysql password has special chars
  • Issue in Case Tracker.
  • Status in Dashboards.
  • The order of the columns didn’t have an assigned search
  • Designer problems
  • The toolbar button caption on design process list will always show text "Status" with other language environment.
  • Error in triggers in lines of code.
  • Search inside mobile view or switchable are not working.
  • The minute of time on system panel display is always 11.
  • Inside Process supervisor list users with CLOSED status are visualizing.
  • The row in table Dynaform doesn't exist! message while trying to print a dynaform from the Summary.
  • Uploaded document does not show up in Summary --> Uploaded Documents.
  • Disabled listbox - selected options not readable.
  • Evaluation not working properly with currency field
  • First login screen after installation always shows admin as a password.
  • When in the Review section of the Process Supervisor and a case is in a parallel task the Current User will be the same on both tasks.
  • Can't establish the order of the steps.
  • The picker in variables of a subprocess is not working.
  • The value based assignment does not work when groups are assigned in the task.
  • User with "PM_REASSIGNCASE" permission can not re-assign cases to herself.
  • Textarea in Output Document Grid.
  • Dynaform - Fields Handler - Date Field Form Won't Accept Blank Entries.
  • The case already routed message.
  • br added in the output documents in windows environments.
  • Error in the SMTP mail configuration.
  • Error in connecting ProcessMaker with a Msql database during a remote installation.
  • Conditions inside Dynaform designer are not overwritten.
  • Error in the password policies
  • Error in the required fields.
  • Compatibility requirement with Safari in Mac.
  • Function DynaformOnload not working in designer.
  • php "if" statement generating error.
  • Process Tracker - Menu Sticks.
  • Annoying error in IE Designer.
  • PMFPauseCase cannot pass time ('Y-m-d H:i:s')
  • The focus are move when you scroll up and down in Chrome .
  • Disable foreign keys verification.
  • The Pmtable view isn’t updated when one or more rows are deleted.
  • Dynaform - Fields handler - default value of zero is not accepted.

Fixed bugs list v.

  • Header get lost in Chrome Browser.
  • ProcessMaker 2.x Authenticated PHP Code Execution
  • Enable entry of '+' character in email fields
  • When editing the a field of Varchar type, the size is blocked in a Report Table.
  • Forgot Password: Functionality error
  • Manual assignment doesn't validate when you don't select a user for the next task
  • The user list when creating a Dashboard is not ordered alphabetically.
  • The generated trigger has errors in the sender email.
  • Javascript tab doesn't work inside the Grid Editor
  • Format in grid dates.
  • PM fails importing plugins (workaround provided)
  • In the process list the order does not take into account all the elements
  • Missing Label in notifications tab
  • The 'workspace-restore' action changes the current files structure
  • output Doc - pmGrids not displayed correctly in both PDF and DOC
  • Line error_reporting(E_ALL) in cron.php and cron_single.php is generating unnecessary errors
  • Roles and Permissions not working
  • Wrong generation of output document in Processmaker v 2.5.2
  • Error in triggers in lines of code commented
  • Error restoring workspaces when the mysql password has special chars
  • JavaScript error while trying to print a Dynaform form the preview
  • Emergence sub-programs in mobile mode
  • Ability to apply conditional show/hide when re-viewing 'participated cases'/dynaforms
  • When creating the conditional event or timer, in the dropdown triggers have the “value of 0”
  • List of triggers not populated in 'Execute trigger' tab while creating Intermediate Conditional Event
  • Simplified User Experience
  • The description in input documents doesn't work in arabic language
  • Grid issue
  • Ordering "Dynaform" dropdown menu
  • Admin users are able to switch the interface to use experience skin
  • User is able to delete groups and it is being used by a process.
  • The LOGIN_LOG table stores the wrong IP
  • Date is not showing correctly in process map with unread new cases.
  • When clicking on "Next Step" to go forward the message Do you want to save changes? is displayed
  • In the PM step tree the following message is displayed "Do you want to save changes?
  • Error executing events with PMFSendMessage
  • When using the variable picker, the system variable option shows all variables including dyanform variables.
  • Dates in Spanish language (Windows server).
  • The Inbox is not working properly.
  • Mandatory upload field - Error message displays Technical fields name instead of it label.
  • It is not possible to import,export,delete,data,edit in a Report Table
  • Case title distorts if a character is using in the name.
  • Condition Editor is not working inside Dynaform Design Preview.
  • Error in required fields

Known Issues

  • Ordering by dates in the process list is not working
  • Rename option inside documents, has unnecessary alerts
  • The configuration of the "Adjust the grid width to the width of the main form" option doesn't work in User Experience skin.
  • Cases created using the cron do not insert their reference in the Report Table
  • Unable to activate MSSQL extension through Windows

The reported issue 13811 is working properly on Linux, but not in Windows. In version 2.5.3, the extension will be working properly on Windows Installations.


  • The issue 14945 can only be tested generating new backups and importing them; older backups won’t have the requested instruction.
  • For the issue 14395, if there is the order of the column in the steps list, the registries where the OBJ_UID is referring to the list must be eliminated from the CONFIGURATION table.
  • For the issue 14288, a new PM function was added.
  • Starting with this release QA is being performed in PHP 5.3.x (and we plan to start tests for PHP

5.4). This means that PHP 5.2.x is no longer a recommended version.

    • In order to verify the ProcessMaker folder, in Linux it is necessary to enable all write permissions (770) for the Apache service user (i.e. apache, www-root).
  • It is recommended to always keep ProcessMaker´s UI in the same language for both: developing processes and running cases, since ProcessMaker DOES NOT have support for multilingual task labels and descriptions.For example, if production users will be using ProcessMaker in French, then design their processes with the ProcessMaker interface switched to French.
  • The issue 14414 is only for PHP 5.4.x.

Known issues

The reported issue 13811 is working properly on Linux, but not in Windows. In version 2.5.3, the extension will be working properly on Windows Installations.


  • English (Default core language)
  • Spanish (Updated for 2.5.2)