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To install ProcessMaker Mobile 2.4.0 or later app on your Android or iOS device, check whether your device meets the minimum requirements, which are listed below.


The app supports the following versions and RAM on smartphones:

Operating System Minimum Version Minimum Suggested RAM Download Minimum Installation Storage Minimum ProcessMaker Version
Android Android Pie+ (API 27) 3 GB 8 - 25 MB 80 MB 3.2.x or later. Not compatible with 4.x.
iOS 14.7+ 30 MB 50 MB


Take into account the following recommendations:

  • Follow the minimum internal storage size to prevent malfunction or slow performance.
  • To review the compatible devices with iOS 15, see iOS compatible devices.
  • Use secure connections (HTTPS) with valid SSL certificates.
  • Configure the TLS server to work correctly with ProcessMaker Mobile.


Take into account the iOS and Android resources.

iOS Resources

For a more detailed description of the Apple App Store and the iOS & iPadOS 14.6 Release Notes, please read App Store submission update and iOS & iPadOS Release Notes.

Android Studio Resources

For a more detailed description of the SDK Platform release notes, please read SDK Platform release notes.