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The following list shows the feature comparison among versions 2.8 and 3.0.x (both Community and Enterprise editions).

Extended REST API Endpointsxxxx
OAuth 2.0 protocol supportxxxx
Code optimization - Up to 40% faster engine!xxxx
New Cases List. Each list has its own dedicate table  xx
Supported Stacks    
Official Support for Internet Information Services (IIS) 7 or laterxxxx
Support for PHP 5.4xxxx
Official Support for Internet Explorer v. 10 and v.11xxxx
Support for Windows Server 2012  xx
Support for Windows 8  xx
Support for IE 11  xx
Veracode security tests  xx
Plugin/Trigger code scanner  xx
Advanced Security Policies x x
Responsive DynaForm Designer    
Support for subforms within a form  xx
Check if Javascript is running in the browser x x
Javascript extensions  xx
Multilanguage  xx
Add preview of forms in different platforms (desktop, tablet, phone)  xx
Add permissions to view Dynaforms within Summary x x
Ability to manage permissions for each process designer x x
Web UX Scroll functionality for mobile devicesxx  
New jQuery BPMN 2.0 Process Designer  xx
Support for extended BPMN 2.0 Elements  xx
Import/Export of .bpmn files  xx
New HTML5 RWD form designer with Bootstrap CSS  xx
Single DB of ProcessMakerxxxx
Browser not recognizing PDF Output Documentxxxx
Separation of Read & Write databases x x
Single database migration script x x
Ability to define indexes for report tables x x
Added support for executing a trigger when a case is unpaused x x
Officially supported browser detection at login x x
Visual condition check x x
Extension and size limit of Input Documents x x
Regular Expression validation on fields  xx
Separation of variables from forms  xx
Enterprise Features    
Strategic Dashboards (KPIs)   x
Audit log for any administration action x x
Enterprise Plugin integrated in the core x x
Send emails from multiple accounts - NO INTERFACE x x
Actions by Email   x
Batch Routing   x
Advanced LDAP/AD sync (new in version 3.0.1)   x
Windows Single Sign On (Without Plexcel) (new in version 3.0.1)   x
Secure User Password Hash (SHA 256 - Developed by NSA) x x
Second Database Connection x x
Enterprise Plugins    
Custom Case List Builder x x
Simple Reporting x x
Advanced Dashboards x  
Version Upgrade Manager x x
Case Scheduler FTP Monitor x x
External User Registration Wizard x x
Service Level Agreements Manager x x
Business Rules Engine x x
Enterprise Data Search x x
Advanced Performance Monitor Dashboards x  
Case Archive/Restore x x
Multi-Tenancy Management x x
Multiple Input Document Uploader x x
PowerUp x x
Advanced LDAP/AD sync (plugin until version 3.0.1) x x
Knowledgetree DMS Connector x x
SigPlus Signature Pads for Electronic Signatures x  
Single Sign-On with Active Directory (plugin until version 3.0.1) x x
Microsoft Outlook Connector x x
Pentaho Business Intelligence Connector x