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ProcessMaker v. 2.5.2 (Release date: January 14th, 2014)

ProcessMaker is a cost effective and easy to use open source business process management (BPM) or workflow software application. Workflow software such as ProcessMaker can assist organizations of any size with designing, automating and deploying business processes or workflows of various kinds.

ProcessMaker workflow software features an extensive toolbox which provides the ability to easily create digital forms and map out fully functioning workflows. The software is completely web based and accessed via any web browser, making it simple to manage and coordinate workflows throughout an entire organization - including user groups and departments. ProcessMaker workflow software can also interact with other applications and systems such as ERP, business intelligence, CRM and document management.

ProcessMaker v.2.5.2 is a regular bug-fix release, this document describes its feature enhancements and many bug fixes including the following highlights:

Release date: January 14th, 2014 

What’s new

  • Trigger editor improved by adding a pop up when a code needs to be edited. (10870)
  • Possibility to customize 404 Not Found and 403 Forbidden Error pages per skin (11603)
  • From Name field was added, in order to change the from for notifications sent by the system (11522)
  • Improvement when executing workspace-restore command. (13342)

What’s fixed

  • Problem sending attach files using PMFSendMessage() function (12375)
  • Loosing Email Notification Setting. (11821 )
  • Assignment rule is internally modified after changing the case title label (11836)
  • When you change the task name the task notification is disabled. (12724)
  • Error in Grid dates (12389)

For a detailed description of how to use ProcessMaker please see the wiki page (

To see the change log, visit the wiki page:

To report a bug please go to web page:


For more information of ProcessMaker installation requirements please see the wiki page:(

Browser Compatibility

  • Firefox v.26
  • Chrome V.31
  • Internet Explorer v. 8 and 9

New Feature

  • 11374: Supervisor is able to reassign cases to himself.
  • 11522: From Name field was added, in order to change the from for notifications sent by the system
  • 11603: Possibility to customize 404 Not Found and 403 Forbidden Error pages per skins
  • 12115: A confirm message was added before printing a dynaform to save edited data.
  • 12219: It is possible to claim a case by using the new web service claimCase().
  • 12254: In the upper right side of the window, inside a PM Table data, a new search is added
  • 12465: It is possible to force Cron execution by using the +force option.
  • 13323: A new attribute, inside the suggest field, was added. This determines how searches are performed and the criteria to be used.
  • 13508: The "registerCronFile" method was added to be used in the plugins definition, in this way, plugins can register files to be executed.
  • 13576: The size attribute was included inside Date fields.


  • 9980: Even if you create your process in a different language than the one you are using to edit it, task titles now will appear in the * language you use to create your process.
  • 10181: Improved date calculation considering holidays and weekends for due dates and events.
  • 10870: Trigger editor improved by adding a pop up when code needs to be edited.
  • 11751: Instead of deleting the last row of a grid, its content is deleted.
  • 11909: “Conditions Editor” was removed from the grid designer.
  • 12029: A new MySQL trigger was added in order to modify the value of the PREVIOUS_USR_UID column, this value will return the user who derives the case.
  • 12374: Only Administrator users are able to modify users roles.
  • 12434: PDF Compressing files is enabled by default in both libraries(HTML2PDF and TCPDF).
  • 12738: Grid Textarea fields weren’t working when they have a query to obtain a data or to execute dependent fields.
  • 12749: On new installations env.ini file has been incremented from 128M to 256M.
  • 12768: Trigger after InputDocument step executes before input document is saved
  • 13342: Improvement when executing workspace-restore command.
  • 13383: Hotfixes can now be applied in non standard installation paths
  • 13400 Attach files with the same name in an email
  • 13425: “AUTH_SOURCE_PASSWORD” field from “AUTHENTICATION_SOURCE” table, has been incremented in size. This change is applied to all RBAC tables.
  • 13463: Searches inside Advance Search interface took long. In this version an optimization has been made by adding a new Index (indexAppDelay) inside APP_DELAY table.
  • 13506: A new method was added which allows to create a maximum of 5 log files. This avoid the error message displayed when cron.log file is greater than 2GB.

Fixed bugs

  • 5120 Change text to clarify the purpose of user for the Case Scheduler
  • 5488 Case inbox refresh time should be configurable
  • 5720 Can not send Next Task Assignment Notifications with grid variables
  • 8500 Checkboxes when creating/editing the structure of PM Tables should be centered
  • 8965 Documents download with 0 Kb
  • 9869 Users are not able to double click on the input documents; they have to hit the download button to view the input documents.
  • 10415 No scroll bar in report table to go left or right
  • 10637 Fields validated as "email" do not accept dash (-)
  • 10803 Change field from left to right - Right to left
  • 10836 It is possible to create 2 workspaces with same name.
  • 11075 UP-DOWN option inside triggers is not working
  • 11189 When using grids, file names are not saved in the database.
  • 11283 Simplified Interface not reflecting minutes
  • 11435 Formula field allows to introduce few characters
  • 11511 Wrong text in the warning popup message when previewing sent out emails
  • 11555 Draft status is not changed when using PMFDerivateCase function
  • 11755 User Experience skin is not translated.
  • 11786 Updating a process, notifications configured before are set to its default value
  • 11788 Notifications email: "Content Type" in "HTML template", doesn’t display "Template" dropdown.
  • 11821 Loosing Email Notification Setting.
  • 11830: “importProcessFromLibrary()” method was removed.
  • 11836 Assignment rule is internally modified after changing the case title label
  • 11848 Report table not update when cases were deleted
  • 11886 Problems when running a case scheduler event every 5 minutes.
  • 11919 Not able to use the product, immediate logout after: error ColumnMap for undefined column: CASE_SUMMARY
  • 11934 Problem assigning a position for a checkbox label, it is always displaying at the right side.
  • 11994 Date selector returns 1899-12-31 on ProcessMaker
  • 11998 Spaces added inside the XML of a Dynaform are not displaying.
  • 12047 User list is not showing.
  • 12054 Problem using PMFDerivateCase function.
  • 12059 When 1 trigger is created in a process trigger list of Events is empty
  • 12099 Curl Not able to enable
  • 12104 Assignment rules changes do not persist when notifications are modified
  • 12134 Advanced Search Limits Results
  • 12142 Time in the upper right corner remains in '00:00:00'
  • 12174 In Internet Explorer, the content of the trigger editor is not displaying correctly and scrollbars of it are missing.
  • 12177 Problems in the task names when importing a process.
  • 12106 Dynaform submit is not working
  • 12112 "caseList" webservice is running a query that crashes ProcessMaker
  • 12131 Misspelling in the TinyMCE Editor pmGrids
  • 12186 Implementing Autosave Functionality.
  • 12171 Continue buttons in view mode
  • 12178 Misspelling in a label of the English .po file
  • 12189 When calling unpauseCase from a web service twice, the case gets duplicated.
  • 12228 Untranslatable strings in processmaker/workflow/engine/methods/setup/languages_Import.php
  • 12236 Session problems when using the "PMFNewCase" function
  • 12253 When a case is deleted by ProcessMaker, this case is not deleted from the PM Reports.
  • 12258 Preview in Messages history doesn't work in IE
  • 12261 Case URL used in Task Notification doesn't work correctly
  • 12282 Attach documents into emails using original name doesn't work
  • 12284 Session is lost when executing PMFInformationUser() function
  • 12285 Issue with Input Document with Process Permission
  • 12290 Email not being send with Intermediate message
  • 12312 The scrollbar and the width is not displaying correctly in the grid.
  • 12375 Problem sending attach files using PMFSendMessage() function
  • 12387 Grammar Mistakes on English Labels
  • 12389 Error in Grid dates
  • 12467 When modifying a task property, the assignment rule changes
  • 12475 When data is sending by URL, the path is not valid
  • 12488 Date fields are editable even when you not select this function and the data fields have to be validate it.
  • 12540 No message is displayed when the workspace is invalid
  • 12562 Date appears incorrect in the Generated Document List and Input Document List
  • 12623 Maximum lifetime cleaned up, option is not defined if is in milliseconds or seconds
  • 12624 Problem with the DATA when importing PM Tables.
  • 12676 Workspace Restore action from ./processmaker is not working with strange characters.
  • 12709 Actions by email: Problems with the approval link
  • 12724 When you change the task name the task notification is disabled.
  • 12784 Assignment menus inside Triggers (STEPS) are not displaying correctly
  • 12876 First level trigger window is overlayed
  • 12918 APP_CACHE_VIEW value always displays FALSE value
  • 12932 Not validating input text in the designer
  • 12986 validateForm() is not working
  • 12988 The Resend and Preview is not working in the Message History.
  • 12991 Issue with the old version (HTML2PDF)
  • 12996 The first line of triggers appears cut at half in neoclassic skin (Mozilla Firefox).
  • 13076 Multiple item selection lost for SQL populated listbox
  • 13080 When clicking on the( + )icon in the simplified user interface, user cannot see all the processes he can initiate if the processes are more than 10.
  • 13122 Problems in the trigger Editor only in Internet Explorer
  • 13197 User list is empty when you do an upgrade to 2.5.1
  • 13224 Problems with message history.
  • 13251 Dynaform dependent fields listbox not working correctly
  • 13277 Problem in the Assigning Users to Groups
  • 13317 Problems when editing the XML inside the Dynaform designer
  • 13321 When editing a PM Table text is changed to TIMESTAMP
  • 13324 When ProcessMaker is updated to version 2.5.1, the user name is not displayed.
  • 13337 Alphabetical Order in the Country field.
  • 13358 ProcessMaker does not redirect to login page, if the session is lost
  • 13392 Dependent fields are not showing as selected, but it is assigned in the xml
  • 13396 The order action in Message History section is not working fine
  • 13397 Required fields in file field, inside a Grid, are not working
  • 13399 Text error in trigger wizard
  • 13402 SOLR is trying to show the cases list for the PAUSE folder.
  • 13421 Filter/Sorting enhancements in the designer processes
  • 13428 When 'Copying' a dynaform from another process - Conditions are not copied
  • 13436 ProcessMaker 2.x Authenticated PHP Code Execution
  • 13450 Cancelling a Case doesn't update to CANCEL status in REPORT table
  • 13475 When you get insert a pmconnection into the DynaForm, you get an empty screen
  • 13504 Cron gives an error with Case Scheduler
  • 13507 Extra columns are creating in grids when hidden fields are created.
  • 13528 Error using grids with required fields.
  • 13536 Save as option inside a Dynaform is not working.
  • 13723 Warning when attaching a document in a Grid.

Known Issues

  • 13711 Ordering by dates in the process list is not working
  • 13683 Rename option inside documents, has unnecessary alerts.
  • 13738 The configuration of the "Adjust the grid width to the width of the main form" option doesn't work in User Experience skin.
  • 12819 Cases created using the cron do not insert their reference in the Report Table
  • 13811 Unable to activate MSSQL extension through Windows



  • English (Default core language)
  • Spanish (Updated for 2.5.2)