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Before deleting a workspace the user should know that every time a workspace is created, the data is stored in the three MySQL databases named wf_<workspace-name>, rb_<workspace-name> and rp_<workspace-name> (until version 2.5) and a unique database wf_<workspace-name> from version 2.8. And also a file directory is created:

  • In Linux/UNIX, the workspace data will generally be found in /opt/processmaker/shared/sites. And the data for each workspace
  • In Windows with the default installer your workspace will be stored at C:\Program Files\ProcessMaker\mysql\data\

In order to delete Workspaces we can follow this steps:

  • Delete the directory: /workspace_name from the /opt/processmaker/shared/sites.
  • Delete the directories wf_<workspace-name>, rb_<workspace-name> and rp_<workspace-name> from /var/lib/mysql.
  • Delete MySQL users associated with wf_<workspace-name>, rb_<workspace-name>, and rp_<workspace-name>. Such users can be identified by consulting shared/sites/<workspace-name>/db.php file, then issuing DROP USER command in MySQL.