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In this hotfix, 41 bugs were included. For more information check the list below. Moreover, the list of bugs included in previous versions were also listed inside the Fixed bugs list v. section.


  • ProcessMaker v. 2.5.2

Command to apply the Hotfix:

./processmaker hotfix-install <hotfixfilename>

Fixed bugs list v.

  • When not choosing a ldap provider an error is displayed
  • It is not possible to reassign massive cases.
  • Some masks are not working properly in IE9 and IE10.
  • LDAP/Active Directory user in not replicated on ProcessMaker.
  • Day and month are not translated when Country is not used inside the po file header.
  • saveForm() function doesn't work in Review mode.
  • Problem with DATA because ProcessMaker doesn't save the links information.
  • Error is thrown when adding a case note to a case which has an unassigned task.
  • A user is still able to login to ProcessMaker even if his/her role is set as inactive.
  • It is possible to delete the current language in use, it means the language user is using.
  • Icons to manage DynaForm fields are set below column Label.
  • Browser not recognizing PDF Output Document.
  • Oracle Connection Parameters with TNS.
  • Problems synchronizing the user status between AD and PM.
  • When Output Documents are generated with grids in Chinesse language, these characters are not displayed correctly in the document.
  • Security problem with the Advance LDAP plugin, when the user has the ON VACATION status.
  • Date validation in PMtables is not correct.
  • When creating a dynaform with the character "&", the field handlers not working.
  • Html in DynaForms does not accept css.
  • The "Edit Stages Map" popup in the Case Tracker does not close.
  • "my case forms and documents" are not showed in the form.
  • User Owner Field is Erased.
  • Pmtables: Problems when importing the data of the Auto-increment type.
  • Input File losses the associated tag.
  • Call to undefined function.
  • Even if a user has an INACTIVE status, using the PMFCreateUser function, he/she is able to login to ProcessMaker.
  • Error in PM Table Data Search option.
  • Error inserting data to PM Table.
  • User appear more than once in the Process Supervisor window.
  • If a Textfield", when a query has been assigned, is edited, the value of the query is remained even if the value is edited and sent.
  • When editing a Stage in the case tracker, it is possible to leave its checkbox in blank
  • Problems with the ProcessMaker WSDL web services.
  • When the Self Service Value Based Assignment rule is defined, the unassigned folder takes to much time to load.
  • Email Notification from Subprocess.
  • Issue in the field check-box from DynaForm with the label.
  • It is necessary to have a registry inside the log where information about 3 attempts failed can be seen.
  • Change the password after applying the hotfix
  • The user search pagination does not work correctly.
  • Strange characters when visualizing 'Información de la tarea'.
  • Incorrect notifications applying PPP_FAILED_LOGINS (Authentication).
  • Junk code in the HTML editor in the Output Documents.
  • Advanced Search: When a case is completed, it shows all threads of it.
  • Date type masks in grids.
  • To keep the language of the URL when starting session.
  • DynaForm is not displayed complete if using Internet Explorer 10.
  • Issue with labels in Radio Group, check group and suggest.
  • Validate the Role Name from the web and Plugins Creation.
  • Error in Process Information option.
  • Missing label when native language or the one used when starting session is deleted.
  • Canceled cases inside the “Advance Search” are displaying incorrectly.
  • Language stored in session.

Fixed bugs list v.

  • History log does not reflect correct historical data.
  • Advanced Search "Current User" Column does not show the correct information.
  • Error restoring workspaces when the mysql password has special chars
  • Issue in Case Tracker.
  • Status in Dashboards.
  • The order of the columns didn’t have an assigned search
  • Designer problems
  • The toolbar button caption on design process list will always show text "Status" with other language environment.
  • Error in triggers in lines of code.
  • Search inside mobile view or switchable are not working.
  • The minute of time on system panel display is always 11.
  • Inside Process supervisor list users with CLOSED status are visualizing.
  • The row in table Dynaform doesn't exist! message while trying to print a dynaform from the Summary.
  • Uploaded document does not show up in Summary --> Uploaded Documents.
  • Disabled listbox - selected options not readable.
  • Evaluation not working properly with currency field
  • First login screen after installation always shows admin as a password.
  • When in the Review section of the Process Supervisor and a case is in a parallel task the Current User will be the same on both tasks.
  • Can't establish the order of the steps.
  • The picker in variables of a subprocess is not working.
  • The value based assignment does not work when groups are assigned in the task.
  • User with "PM_REASSIGNCASE" permission can not re-assign cases to herself.
  • Textarea in Output Document Grid.
  • Dynaform - Fields Handler - Date Field Form Won't Accept Blank Entries.
  • The case already routed message.
  • br added in the output documents in windows environments.
  • Error in the SMTP mail configuration.
  • Error in connecting ProcessMaker with a Msql database during a remote installation.
  • Conditions inside Dynaform designer are not overwritten.
  • Error in the password policies
  • Error in the required fields.
  • Compatibility requirement with Safari in Mac.
  • Function DynaformOnload not working in designer.
  • php "if" statement generating error.
  • Process Tracker - Menu Sticks.
  • Annoying error in IE Designer.
  • PMFPauseCase cannot pass time ('Y-m-d H:i:s')
  • The focus are move when you scroll up and down in Chrome .
  • Disable foreign keys verification.
  • The Pmtable view isn’t updated when one or more rows are deleted.
  • Dynaform - Fields handler - default value of zero is not accepted.

New features and considerations

Adding a log registry to store failed login attempts

When a user failed 3 times his login to ProcessMaker, a log with this information is saved in the loginFailed.log file with the following information:

  • Date
  • Use information.
  • IP address from where the user is trying to access.
  • Workspace name.
  • Browsers and their versions.

For instance, the following information could be stored.

2014-07-02 16:55:22 | Many failed authentication attempts for USER: admin | IP: | WS: dmuz | Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/35.0.1916.153 Safari/537.36

This feature is included inside the Enhanced Login plugin, however to see this log detail it is necessary to apply the hotfix.

Output Documents generation configurations

When an Output Document is generated during the execution of a process, this can be either opened inside the same browser or it can be downloaded in the local computer.

Find this option inside the Output Document creation.


  • Download the file: Download the file directly in the local computer. By choosing this option the browser will select automatically the option to download the file.

Configure the browser to download these type of files automatically.

  • Open the file: Open the file in the same browser. By choosing this option the browser will select automatically the option to open the file.

Configure the browser to open the file in it.Use a PDF or DOC viewer to see the documents.

Known Issues

The reported issue 13811 is working properly on Linux, but not in Windows. In version 2.5.3, the extension will be working properly on Windows Installations.


  • It is recommended to execute the ./processmaker database-upgrade command after applying the hotfix, because of some changes made in the database.
  • After updating the database, the .po file must be uploaded.
  • About this 14980 and 15089 issues, it is necessary to regenerate Propel classes in the PM tables which have those issues. For such purpose edit the table and save it (it is not necessary to change the structure, just execute the saving of the table definition).
  • About bug 13604, it is necessary to delete manually all data inside LANGUAGE table and populate it by executing the insert instruction which is located at workflow/engine/data/mysql/insert.sql (lines 28 to 164), do this only in workspaces where the upgrade is executed. Don't do this if a new workspace is created after applying the hotfix,
  • Bugs 12828, 14302, 13598 and 14622 are changes related to the ldapAdvance plugin (v. 1.4.40). To fix it, some modifications were made in the core, that's why those are included in the hotfix.
  • This hotfix also includes a fix related with a bug in the pmPowerUp plugin (14198). This plugin is already in the final stage of corrections.


  • English (Default core language - New labels were included)
  • Spanish (Updated for 2.5.2)