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Outlook Connector Plugin 2.0.6 
(Release date: February 11th, 2014)


The Outlook Connector plugin comes with one new big feature which brings the possibility to use the 10 options included in the menu when a cases is being executed, Steps, Information, Actions and Cases notes. Moreover, 4 bugs were solved in this version.

For more information see the bugs and feature list below.


  • ProcessMaker v. 2.5.0 or higher
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010

New Features

  • 12866: Would be great if we could see the Steps, Information, Actions and Case Notes in menu.

HotFixed bugs list:

  • 9667: Unclear alert message when the Outlook plugin is not enabled
  • 10015: Information Tab and Conditional Editor
  • 12429: Wrong text in plugin
  • 13483: Current User showing the task creator in my Outlook
  • 14068: Configuration error when invalid port is specified
  • 14070: A case is not derived in ProcessMaker 2.5.0
  • 14074: Unable to display cases list over inbox, draft, participated
  • 14084: Page not found after pausing a case
  • 14088: UTF-8 BOM character in outlook response cause client connection fail.
  • 14097: Menu of open case stays after routing to next task

Known Issues

  • 10913: Outlook Plugin Stores Password Locally
  • 13555: All imported Languages in ProcessMaker are not listed in the Outlook window configuration
  • 14085: When a case is derived no information is displayed in Message history option (Problem found on ProcessMaker v.2.5.1 and solved on ProcessMaker v.2.5.2)
  • 14079: It is not possible to unpause a case.
  • Recommendations

    • The new Outlook add-in must be reinstalled and the Outlook Connector plugin must be updated in the server.
    • It is recommended to clear ProcessMaker cache server right after installing the new version in the server


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