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Check new documentation about features and improvements added on version 2.8.0, as well as updated documentation related with fixed bugs.

Release date: December 16th, 2014

Check the Installation Requirements corresponding to this version.

What’s new

  • The new REST API implemented in version 2.8 allows programmers to design external applications with better performance, scalability, reliability, portability and security (with OAuth 2.0). ProcessMaker offers a large number of available end points, so that large parts of the ProcessMaker can implemented in custom interfaces:
  • OAUTH 2.0 Clients use access tokens in order access the different end points of the ProcessMaker REST API.
  • ProcessMaker Designer This API includes the end points to remotely access and control the designing of processes.
  • Finally, see this example to get the cases list in an external web page.
  • Allowed file types. Specify the type of field to upload inside the Input Document, to verify that the uploaded files has the correct type of content.
  • Maximum size. Specify the maximum file size in KB or MB of the uploaded document.
  • Improved Advanced Search capability with the Delegate Date From' and To fields and the X buttons to clear these fields.

What’s fixed

  • A maximum of 201 characters is allowed in the dashboard title. It is possible to use numbers, special characters and letters.
  • If the title has spaces between sentences, the text will be adjusted in separate lines.
  • The dashlet titles are sorted in ascending order.