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Check new documentation about features and improvements added on version 3.0.1, as well as the updated documentation.

Release date: August 4th, 2015

ProcessMaker Community

The following sections describe the features of version 3.0.1 of the Enterprise edition of ProcessMaker. Click on the links to check the documentation for each section.

ProcessMaker Designer

The following are the changes and improvements in the designer of ProcessMaker.

  • New Process Supervisor interface
  • Public Files: Formerly named Process Files Manager which was divided into 2 options. The public files will store files which need to be public.
  • Templates: Creates and stores templates which will be used to send emails, create output documents, etc.
  • Quick Toolbar: Shows the next available elements for an element already added in the Process Map as well as the configuration and delete options.
  • Element Connection Validation: Validates the connection between two elements while designing the processes. Valid connections are painted in green. Meanwhile invalid connections are painted in red.
  • Case Tracker

New on Version

  • Array Variable Type The variable type array is meant to describe a collection or group of elements.

DynaForm Designer

The following are the improvements and changes in the DynaForm designer for this version.

ProcessMaker BPMN Elements

This section describes the improvements and changes made in the BPMN elements supported by ProcessMaker in this section.


The changes in the events are the following:

  • Start Timer Event: The Start Timer Event provides a way to automatically start new cases at specified times.


The changes in the tasks are the following:

  • Script Task: The ProcessMaker engine supports the execution of script tasks from this version.
  • Task Assignment Rules: The interface of the Assignment Rules of the task has been enhanced to have a better management.