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PM Classic feature helps ProcessMaker 3 organizations develop ProcessMaker Platform solutions while continuing to develop their existing ProcessMaker 3 solutions: the perfect bridge between your new and existing solutions with a state of the art BPM platform.

Experience the best of both worlds with the PM Classic feature! Easily log on to ProcessMaker Platform and use PM Classic to access your ProcessMaker 3 solutions - all in one place!

Click through the following interactive tour to see how easy it is to log on and access PM Classic.

PM Classic Advantages

PM Classic offers the following advantages to your ProcessMaker 3 organization:

  • As an administrator, create or import users into the ProcessMaker Platform as a unified user administration.
  • As a business analyst, access the Strategic and Advanced Dashboards KPI if that user has the available PM Classic permissions.
  • As an administrator, access ProcessMaker Mobile and all Enterprise Plugins but Enhanced Login.
  • The user interface complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

PM Classic Considerations

Consider the following when planning to use PM Classic in your ProcessMaker 3 organization:

  • It is not possible to import ProcessMaker 3 solutions to ProcessMaker Platform. Instead, replace that solution using ProcessMaker Platform's robust features. Create new ProcessMaker solutions using our new BPM technology.
  • ProcessMaker Classic and ProcessMaker Platform remain separate including inboxes. PM Classic allows ProcessMaker 3 users to go between both platforms, but they are always independent of each other.
  • When logging out from either ProcessMaker Platform or PM Classic, you are logged out of both.
  • ProcessMaker Platform provides authentication except with SAML Authetication.
  • ProcessMaker redirects unavailable pages for PM Classic, even if there is a trigger calling those unavailable pages.
  • ProcessMaker Platform has an independent email server from which to configure and then send emails.
  • After initially syncing users from PM Classic to ProcessMaker Platform, users may only be created from ProcessMaker Platform. LDAP synchronization is not available between PM Classic and ProcessMaker Platform.
  • Processes may only be imported to and created from ProcessMaker Platform.
  • To use ProcessMaker Mobile with ProcessMaker Platform, configure ProcessMaker Mobile settings to your ProcessMaker 3 instance URL. The ProcessMaker 3 URL that is being embedded into ProcessMaker Platform redirects to the new URL. Then, ProcessMaker Mobile works correctly with ProcessMaker Platform.