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ProcessMaker Release Notes
v. 2.0.30 (Release date: July 5th, 2011)

ProcessMaker 2.0.30 is a release that includes several bug fixes and a very important structural change that has to do with Report Tables.

Report Tables as we know has completed its life cycle and now it changed to PM Tables. This mean that what we know as Report Tables is being marked as deprecated usable only for backward compatibility (you can’t create new ones in same way) and the “new” implementation has merged with PM Tables.

Why? Well this is a natural evolution of our original Report Tables to a better, flexible and powerful way to administrate Tables inside ProcessMaker.

With this now when you define a Report Table you can choose where that table will be created (which DB Connection) and field type for each variable to be used. In background sin PM Tables is in control the correspondent classes for the DB layer are being created and all the trigger to fill that table defined.

Fixed bugs

  • This time the list of bugs fixed is near to 80 and all of them have been tested by our QA team in 10 cycles. The most important are (to see the detail of this please refer to changelog.txt):
  • Fixed Issues with Date Fields
  • IE issues in Grid calculations
  • Functions such as onaddrow and ondeleterow fixed
  • Layout issues with double scrollbars
  • JS issues when there have special characters
  • Export process with notifications Subject
  • Issues with Suggest Field


  • Database credentials that are saved in a secure way in DB (encrypted).
  • DBArray improvements: Fields that use DBArray as connection now can save the labels correctly based on the SQL and table.


  • Report Tables changed its engine to PM Tables inheriting the main features.
  • SharePoint Triggers: Included 12 triggers for SharePoint documents area that allow users to work create Sites, create Folders, upload and Download Documents (and versions) .

Known Issues

  • Language files different from English and Spanish should be updated
  • Chrome, Firefox 4 and IE9 present some issues non tested yet.
  • Due date calc is failing in some cases. Especially in Windows environment.
  • Process that started from scratch in a lang different from English can't start a case. Workaround: open the process in English once.
  • Asynchronous subprocess creates two cases instead of just one in some cases.