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ProcessMaker Release Notes
v. 2.0.33 (Release date: October 4th, 2011)

ProcessMaker 2.0.33 comes with several bug fixes and improvements that increase the stability of the product. At same time there are some news in Enterprise plugin field with improvements and new plugins.

Batch Routing - Improved

The plugin was improved by adding links to open directly from Cases List. Another great feature added is the possibility to edit a value and apply it to all records in a view.

LDAP Advanced

The layout has benn changed to a modern view using ExtJS. At same time many important performance fixes included.

FTP Folder FTP Folder plugin is a plugin that allows PM to check/review an FTP Folder periodically by creating a task in Case Scheduler. Each time that PM founds a new file it starts a case and uploads the document to it.

Windows Single Sign On This plugin enables a way to Authenticate ProcessMaker against an Active Directory system and execute a Single Sign On under a company’s domain.

Fixed bugs

  • PM trigger executeQuery that executes a query in selected Connection
  • Important field DEL_PREVIOUS now is being filled correctly (APP_DELEGATION)
  • KnowledgeTree issues with persistent sessions
  • Many fixes within PM Tables feature.
  • Wraps being saved as hard returns in Text Areas
  • Unexpected layout changes when a grid is added to a form
  • Password length restriction is working again
  • Email attachments working in PHP 5.3 9. Importing CSV to PM Tables


  • Case Notes layout (adding cancel button and showing names based on system format)
  • Calendar configuration
  • Started doing QA on Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 5 and Chrome

Known Issues

  • Column “sent by” still showing wrong information.
  • Currency and fields with Mask enabled are not working correctly in Chrome