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ProcessMaker Release Notes
v. 2.0.34 (Release date: November 1st, 2011)

ProcessMaker 2.0.34 besides several bug fixes it includes two features.

Process Information Hide/Show

This is another popular request from our clients and community... a way to hide Process Information panel (when you want to start a case). It is possible to define its state (Hidden/Visible) pero Workspace as an administrator in Admin Tab.


This is the first version of a “new” dashboard for ProcessMaker. Why new, some of you remember that years ago we had a Dashboard tab with some elements and now we are implementing a new structure for it with better layout and flexibility. In following releases this will start being improved and extended.

The image below shows a simple view on how dashboards look:

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed issues with Report Tables.
  • Fixed issues importing processes with Report Tables.

Fixed issues importing processes with Report Tables

  • Case Notes and Case Summary layout.

Known Issues

  • Field masks and validation not working properly in Chrome.
  • Required fields in grids are not correctly validated.