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ProcessMaker v. 2.0.41 (Release date: June 12th, 2012)

ProcessMaker 2.0.41 remains in beta status while QA Integrity tests are being completed. We recommend against upgrading production instances of ProcessMaker to 2.0.41 until the integrity tests are passed and the BETA STATUS is removed.

This release has 3 new Features and 58 bug fixes as well as interface improvements.

Fixed bugs

  • Major issues with Grids (Dependencies between dropdowns, masks and others) Bug: 7657Bug:8860
  • Search box keyword persistence in many lists (task user assignment and others) Bug:8759
  • Case Lists process Dropdown with duplicate items Bug:8777
  • Default environment settings strange characters Bug: 8848
  • After pausing a case the status does not change to PAUSED Bug: 8963
  • Currency Field mask not change on Validate attribute changeBug:8927
  • Completed cases status do not change to COMPLETE. Bug:8951
  • After claiming a Case (Unassigned/Selfservice) opened case does not have menu actions and others. Bug:9030
  • PMFGenerateOutputDocument trigger is not working with versioning =true Bug:9094
  • Formula operations in grids not working correctly with masked fields.
  • Grids with dependent fields with that uses same names for columns and for main form Bugs:7657


  • Added Case Notes: Bug: 9043
  • Trigger: PMFGetCaseNotes.
  • Webservice: getCaseNotes
  • Export Process directly from process list (Designer tab) Bug: 8845
  • Case Lists performance improvement by the inclusion SOLR as a search platform. To use it is necessary to install SOLR server and then setup ProcessMaker to use it. Bug: 9180
  • Improvements


  • PMFNewCaseImpersonate returns Case UID and Case Number Bug: 8984
  • Process Supervisor changes reflected in Changelog Bug: 9006
  • Wrap text in Case lists Bug: 9016

Known Issues

  • Zend Server Output Document differences between DOC and PDF. Related bugs Bug:6871
  • When language is different from English in Chrome in Report Table creation (from Admin side) list of processes is not being displayed correctly.
  • In debug state and a language different from English Triggers are not being shown.
  • Editable Dates with Hour mask not working properly. Related bugs Bug:8718
  • With IIS 7 and IE9 text field validation works correctly but change color of the text to white. Related bugs Bug:8805
  • Text changes [Bugs: 8880, 8881, 8910, 8915]
  • Validate assignment of Simplified UX to groups with admin members [Bug: 8919]



1. English (Default core language)

2. Spanish (Updated for 2.0.41)