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ProcessMaker v. 2.0.42 (Release date: July 10th, 2012)

ProcessMaker 2.0.42 is an stable release with 60 bugs fixed.

Fixed bugs

  • Single application issue executing several cases when main menu disappears 9210
  • Read only fields that are not being saved correctly 8914
  • Checkbox fields not being saved 9147
  • Fields with float masks (decimal sign) 9106; 9177
  • Date field issue on editing 9238
  • Creating Report Tables on external Database 9246
  • Numeric Keypad keys not accepted on fields with numeric Validation 9295
  • Skin persistence under Simplified (User Experience) 9295
  • Possibility to execute stored procedures using executeQuery trigger. 9087
  • Uploaded file from Webentry or Webservice is not transferred to active plugin 9088


  • Possibility to add options to Simplified User Experience menu 9294
  • On the registration of a new user, an User ID validation for existing usernames was added, and now a Password is verified with the Password Privacy Politics.

Known Issues

  • Zend Server Output Document differences between DOC and PDF. 6871.
  • When language is different from English in Chrome in Report Table creation (from Admin side) list of processes is not being displayed correctly.
  • In debug state and a language different from English Triggers are not being shown.
  • Editable Dates with Hour mask not working properly. Related bugs 9238.
  • With IIS 7 and IE9 text field validation works correctly but change color of the text to white. Related bugs 8805.

When the enterprise plugin is installed or enabled and disabled in uxmodern skin, the interface changes to classic skin automatically. In order to install or update the enterprise plugin is recommended to verify that the folder permissions are correctly set in the ProcessMaker folder. Read the installation instructions in the wiki to assign the correct folder permissions. When a new version of ProcessMaker is updated it’s recommended to clean the cache to assure the correct apply of the new functionality. The clean cache option is available in Configuration / settings / clean cache option.



1. English (Default core language)

2. Spanish (Updated for 2.0.42)

3. French (Updated for 2.0.42)