Q: What is the difference between Responsive Forms and normal DynaForms?

A: Responsive Forms are a new feature that was added in ProcessMaker 3.0. The key difference between normal DynaForms and the new Responsive Forms is that they use Responsive Web Design (RWD), so they will automatically adapt to the width of your device and use a different style for desktop computers, tablets and smart phones. They allow multiple fields to be placed in the same row. There are other improvements, such as the separation of variables from the forms and the use of the JQuery library to improve the user interface​.

Q: Will we be able to move connecting lines in the process map (i.e. like in Visio) to make process diagrams more readable?

A: Regarding Visio-style curved lines, that is not currently on our road-map. However, it is possible to move the connecting lines in process diagrams. Click on a connecting line so green squares appear in it. Then drag the green squares with a mouse to move the line to a new location..

Q: Can multiple cases be opened at the same time?

It is possible to open multiple cases at the same time by right clicking on cases in the list and selecting the option to open in a new tab or window. However, only one case at a time can be worked on at a time. Each time a case is opened, the system variables for the case's unique ID number and its delegation index number get reset, so if you switch back to the first case which you opened, and try to save date or route it to the next task, then you will see an error message, such as:
    Notice: Undefined index: APPLICATION in /var/app/current/workflow/engine/methods/cases_SaveData.php on line 64
    Error: An invalid application ID was stored for the session.

To avoid this problem, only open one case at a time. If needing to work on more than one case at a time, it is recommended to open them in two different web browsers. For example, open the first case in Chrome and the second case in FireFox.

Likewise, it is not possible to edit two processes at the same time, due to the same problem, so it is recommended to open the processes in different browsers if needing to work on them at the same time.

However, there is no problem using ProcessMaker in multiple tabs or windows if each tab/window is using different parts of the ProcessMaker interface. For example, one tab can opened in Home to view the list of cases, a second tab can be used to execute a case, a third tab can be used to edit processes and a fourth tab can be opened in Admin to edit the list of users.

Q: Can the process map be printed or saved?

Applied for versions 2.5.x and 3.0.
No, ProcessMaker can't print or save the process map. It is recommended to install the FireShot plugin for FireFox, Internet Explorer or Chrome and take a screen shot of the process map.

Q: Can multiple users login at the same time?

Multiple users can login into ProcessMaker at the same time as long as each user is using a separate web browser. However, multiple users can NOT be logged into ProcessMaker at the same time in the same web browser. If needing to login as a different user, either logout of ProcessMaker and then login as the other user or open a separate web browser program to login as a different user. For example, it is possible to login as user "mary" in Internet Explorer and as user "bob" in Firefox, but it not possible to login as both "mary" and "bob" at the same time in Internet Explorer.

Note: There are multisession extensions, such as Multifox in Firefox and MultiLogin in Chrome, which can be used to allow multiple users to login to ProcessMaker at the same time in the same web browser.