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In ProcessMaker version 2.0.29 and later, the default time zone for the ProcessMaker server is set in the env.ini configuration file. If using a previous version of ProcessMaker, follow the instructions below to set the time zone in the paths.php file.

Default Time Zone in version 2.0.8 and earlier

To set the default time zone for the ProcessMaker server, open the file <INSTALL-DIRECTORY>/workflow/engine/config/paths.php with your preferred plain text editor. Search for line 121 that defines the TIME_ZONE constant:

define('TIME_ZONE', 'America/New_York');

Replace the default value 'America/New_York' with your time zone. A list of available timezones can be found at:

For example, to change the time zone to Vienna's time:

///************TimeZone Set***************// if(!defined('TIME_ZONE')) { define('TIME_ZONE', 'Europe/Vienna'); }