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The default file locations for ProcessMaker vary according to the operating system and the version of ProcessMaker. Alternative locations can be selected when installing ProcessMaker, which are specified in the paths_installed.php file. To move files to new locations after installing, see Changing the ProcessMaker Configuration.

Installation Directory

ProcessMaker can be installed in any directory which is not publicly accessible to the internet, so don't install ProcessMaker in a directory such as /var/www in Linux/UNIX or C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs in Windows, since it would cause a security hole. In Linux/UNIX, it is often installed in the /opt directory, since it is an optional program which doesn't come from the distribution's repositories.

By default, the installation directory for ProcessMaker is in the following locations:

Windows, before ProcessMaker version 1.6-4260:
C:\Program Files\ProcessMaker\apps\processmaker
Windows XP/Server 2003, ProcessMaker versions 1.6-4260 to 2.0.3:
C:\Program Files\ProcessMaker\processmaker
Windows Vista/7/Server 2008, ProcessMaker versions 1.6-4260 to 2.0.3:
Windows XP/Server 2003, ProcessMaker version 2.0.8 and later:
C:\Program Files\ProcessMaker-2_X_X\processmaker
Windows Vista/7/Server 2008, ProcessMaker version 2.0.8 and later:


The file locations for different ProcessMaker elements are specified in the file:


shared Directory

The shared directory holds many of the files which are created by usage of ProcessMaker, the <shared> directory is located at:


Some of the files that are stored in folders inside shared directory are explained below.

sites: it contains attached files, Input Documents, Output Documents, log files, session files, etc. Those are stored on the following subfolders:
xmlforms it contains dynaforms created inside processes in ProcessMaker. They can be identified by the following path
mailTemplate: It contains all email templates created inside process in ProcessMaker. They can be identified by the following path:
Files: It contains Input and Output Documents generated and uploaded during the execution of a case. Each one of them are stored inside:
input: It contains all the uploaded documents.
output: It contains all the generated documents.
skins: It will store the customized skin created in ProcessMaker.
log: an install.log file, with all modifications made during a ProcessMaker installation, will store in this folder.
compiled: All cache generated when a process is created and running will be stored in this folder, it is recommended to delete this folder if any of the modifications made during a case execution don't show properly. Moved from version 2.0

Note: From version 2.5.1 the Files folder structure has changed since the storage capacity was limited to 32k folders. Check this documentation to review the new structure.