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Batch Routing v. 1.4.40 
(Release date: October 1st, 2013)


Batch Routing Plug-in is an extension that allows a batch derivation of cases for a process. This means that users can select one or more cases form the cases list to action them all at once. In addition, the information of those cases can be modified form the case list. The information is extracted from the fields of a grid previously created by the administrator. This plug-in can be set up on a ProcessMaker server.

This document describes its feature enhancements and many bug fixes including in the following highlights:

Release date: October 1st, 2013


ProcessMaker Requirements

  • ProcessMaker v2.0.45 or higher (stable version + available hotfix)
  • Enterprise Plugin v2.0.17 or higher (stable version + available hotfix)

Browser Requirements

  • Firefox v20
  • Chrome 26.0 or higher
  • IE 8.0, IE 9.0
  • IE 10 not supported yet.

New feature

  • 10172: Added search and order column functionality.


  • 11180: When there aren’t cases in the consolidated list, "No records found" message is displayed.
  • 11430: "Apply changes to all rows" option did not work with date fields.
  • 11432: Having a process with the same task name means it is not possible to identify which task is the case.

Bug Fixes

  • 6429: The Batch Routing Plugin should have a "Select All / Unselect All" checkbox.
  • 9193: Selecting email and username more than once, user shouldn’t be created.
  • 8427: The dropdown does not get populated or able to change its value in the HOME->BATCH.
  • 9918: Error in deriving multiples cases.
  • 11425: It is not possible to leave a no-required field in blank.
  • 11430: "Apply changes to all rows" option does not work with date fields.
  • 11432: When a process is defined with the same names on its tasks in the batch routing, it is not possible to identify on which task the case is.

Known Issues

  • 11118: Batch Routing folder counter is incremented only when accessing the folder.
  • 11420: When editing any field in the consolidated list, validations are not accepted.
  • 12575: Dependent fields don’t work in the consolidated list.
  • 12826: The order of the cases derivation is not sequential.
  • 13075: Link fields inside a report table are not saved in versions 2.0.45 and earlier.
  • 13179: Masks on currency fields are not working.


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