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ProcessMaker Business Rules 2.0.40 
(Release date: December 18th, 2013)


A business rule is a bunch of rules that captures and implements business policies and practices. A rule can enforce business policy, make a decision, or infer new data from existing data.

The business rules plugin is intended to help users to define Business Logic rulesets and share them amongst cases, those rules will be defined in each process by using a user interface which makes the definition easy-to-understand; with the help of a trigger the business rules execution can be defined.

Its main objectives are:

  • To share business rules across many use cases.
  • To enable visual impact analysis across entire decision.
  • To de?ne, analyze, and test business rules prior to, or in parallel with, development the use of cases.
  • To involve different business people in the development of use cases versus business rule capture, as appropriate.


  • ProcessMaker v2.5.x or higher (stable version + available hotfix)
  • Enterprise Plugin v2.0.17 or higher (stable version + available hotfix)

Browser Requirements

  • Browser: Chrome (v 30.0.1599.69 m)
  • Firefox and IE are not supported yet.


Inside a Ruleset you will find:

  • Creation of a Business Rule. Group of rules which can be executed only inside the process where they were configured.
  • It is possible to define Conditions and Conclusions inside a Business Rule, they are related to each other. A condition is where variables are evaluated, on the other hand a conclusion has two main scopes, the first one is to have a return value and the second one is to set variables with specific values, as long as the conditions will be evaluated as true.
  • It is possible to define operators not only in the conditions but also in the conclusions. The available operators are (=, >=, <=, >, <, !=, <>, within in, not within).
  • It is possible to define logical operators such as: AND, OR, NOT.

Known Issues

  • Business Rules can only be evaluated when the trigger is assigned Before Dynaform
  • Business Rules can evaluate rules using data defined inside a process.
  • Data coming from pmtables are not allowed when a Rule Set is defined
  • Inside a Business Rules is not possible to use Grids, Listbox, Check group fields


  • If some operations will be executed in a Suggest field, it is recommended to have the same value in the Id and Label field. If it has different values, use the ID inside the Rule set to make the comparison.
  • If the rule Set does not have the conclusion defined, data won’t be saved.
  • If using Currency fields, use (.) point as a decimal separator.
  • It is recommended to import the process first and then the Business Rule.


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