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FTP Monitor 1.4.40
(Release date: December 12th, 2014)


FTP Monitor is a plug-in which creates cases by checking constantly a FTP or local directory. If there are files on that directory, by the number of existing files on that, new cases are created and the file is uploaded to the new case.


  • ProcessMaker v2.5.x or higher (stable version + available hotfix)
  • Compatibility with ProcessMaker Enterprise Edition v. 2.8
  • Enterprise Plugin v2.0.17 or higher (stable version + available hotfix)

Fixed Bugs

Below you will find the list of fixed bugs in this version:

  • Problems executing the Cron to generate cases for the FTP Monitor plugin.
  • 14059: Label not correct Connection Type.


The test connection is working correctly.

New features

No new features available in this version.

Known Issues

The following bugs/new feature requests are planned for fixing in the next stable release of the plug-in:

  • 11156: When editing a connection, if the session is lost and the process is changed the dependent fields are not emptied.
  • 12057: In the list of attached documents, the users who created the documents are not displayed.


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