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Information About QA Report


Date:May 8th, 2012
Ref:Release 2.0.40

Plataforms Tested

Tests were done on the following platforms:

SO VersionPHP VersionDB VersionSO VersionBrowserLanguage
Windows 7PHP 5.2MySql 5.1Windows 7IE 9.0.8XX
Firefox 11.0XX
Chrome 18.0.1025.162XX


Centos 6.2PHP 5.2MySql 5.1Windows 7IE 9.0.8XX
Firefox 11XX
Chrome 18.0.1025.162XX
Windows 7 Zend ServerPHP 5.3MySql 5.1Windows 7IE9 9.0.8XX
Firefox 11XX
Chrome 18.0.1025.162XX


Bugs Fixed

Bug IDDescriptiontest 1test 2test 3test 4test 5test 6Final Testing


8525Upgrading form version 2.0.39 to version 2.0.40 warnings are displayed.FailedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
6453ProcessMaker has many deprecated PHP 5.3 features in code. not compliant with PHP 5.3BlockedBlockedFailedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed


6592PM 2.0.10 When a folder was created on Documents with the same name, an error was displayed, instead of displaying that the folder already exists.BlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
7935Bug Reported in the Client ProyectAccess DeniedAccess DeniedAccess DeniedAccess DeniedAccess DeniedAccess DeniedAccess Denied
8494addGridRow() method does not work in v.2.0.36BlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8562The box to show contents of a variable in the Debugger shows outdated values for variablesBlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8600If open multiple tabs with the "Information" menu inside the cases frames, some tabs become blank.BlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8607Gulliver propel-build-sql script needs a way to specify username and password of the databaseBlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8667P.M. 2.0-testing.13: When an existing calendar was copied on the calendar option, an error is displayed, and the calendar can't be copied.BlockedBlockedFailedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8687PM 2.0. testing 14 Problems with User Experience when the role is changed in to SimplifiedBlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8711When "Print form" option is enabled on a Dynaform, this doesn't work and the form can't be printed.BlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed


8715PM 2.0 testing 14 Visualization problem of the scroll bar when its clicked the right click on the ProcessMap.BlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8726P.M. Testing15 2.0.37: Users and Users & Groups (Ad-hoc) are not displaying completely.BlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8727Increase the maxlength of the Condition of the Evaluation Routing RuleBlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8730Migrate Email Setup to ExtJSBlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8732Migrate Logo Setup to ExtJSBlockedBlockedFailedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8735PM 2.0 testing 16 Editing the calendar, changes made are not saved on Holidays and Work Hours.BlockedBlockedFailedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8742Migrate Processmaker Heartbeat to ExtJSBlockedBlockedFailedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8743Migrate Case Information lists to ExtJSMBlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8744Horizontal scroll bar appears at top of configuration screen when installing ProcessMaker 2.0.38BlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8745When defining Subprocess properties, grid, listbox, file and checkgroup fields aren't shown in the list of available variablesBlockedBlockedFailedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8749ProcessMaker misinterprets "%" (modulus operator) JS code does not match the data in the XMLBlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8757Not reassign cases by web servicesBlockedBlockedFailedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8760Disable TRACE support in Apache to stop cross-site scripting XSSBlockedBlockedNot RunBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8764P.M 2.0-testing.16: Al exportar procesos con nombres largos, no se visualiza todo el título y tampoco el scrollBlockedBlockedFailedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8765Problem to download documents from ProcessMaker when Knowledge Tree is enabled.BlockedBlockedNot RunBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8767PM 2.0 testing 16: Problems with Case Tracker, it doesn't allow to assign dynaform on the object property.BlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8770P.M. 2.0-testing.16: On Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers; a condition can't be added with the conditional editor.BlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8774Strange Line after login to the simplified or single user experience and then o log in to the normal experience.BlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8775Add validation to prevent deletion of tasks with running cases.BlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8785In the "dropdown" when you select a field does not show the indicatedBlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8792P.M. 2.0-testing.16: Pagination on size 20 on user groups doesn't work correctly.BlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8803P.M. 2.0-testting.16: When an user is assigned in a task where groups were not created, warnings and notices are displayed.BlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8812Javascript error on Pausing case, its calendar shows error using Internet ExplorerBlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8820P.M.2.0-testing.16:Focus behavior is not the correct inside the edition of a DynaForm when a links is insertedBlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8829PM 2.0 testing 16 When Forgot Password option is enable a Fatal Error is displayed.BlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8835P.M. 2.0 Testing16: When an Output Document is chosen (pdf or doc), it shows both of themBlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8856Migrate the Clear cache Interface from master branchBlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8863Migrate the User Profile interface from master branch version (ExtJS based)BlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8867P.M. 2.0.39-testing.2: Correct text on User Experience window.BlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8875Feature: New ExtJS based for Install, Login & Main ProcessMaker interfaceFailedFailedFailedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8879Need help with reference to the colors of the tasks on "tracker/login"BlockedBlockedFailedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8809The currency field doesn't accept decimal point on GridBlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8911P.M. 2.0.39-testing.3: When the External Registration pug-in is configured, ina Form with a dropdown an error is displayed.BlockedBlockedNot RunBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8939There's a warning when assign an user to some taskBlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8979Need help with reference to the colors of the tasks on "tracker/login"BlockedBlockedFailedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8908The currency field doesn't accept decimal point on GridBlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8911P.M. 2.0.39-testing.3: When the External Registration plug-in is configured with a Form and a dropdown, an error is displayedBlockedBlockedNot RunBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8939There's a warning when assign an user to some taskBlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
8978It doesn't work the Upgrade from version 2.0.39 to version 2.0.40.BlockedBlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedPassed
9029A warning is displayed when workspaces are changed from the URL in all of the browsers when the upgrade is done.BlockedBlockedBlockedPassedBlockedBlockedPassed
9039Depracated en output document en Windows ZendServer.BlockedBlockedBlockedFailedFailedFailedPassed
9056with the new PM skin it is not possible to create new workspaces neither using the url or by the enterprise.BlockedBlockedBlockedBlockedBlockedBlockedPassed
9059When a case is running an error message is displayed and it is not possible to continue with the case.BlockedBlockedBlockedPassedPassedPassedPassed

New Bugs

The following list of bugs is taking into consideration of the different departments who are in charge to give priority to bugs for each release.

Bug IDDescription
9029It generates a warning when a workspace is changed from the URL in all browser when an upgrade is executed.
9033Depracated en output document en Windows ZendServer
9034When a new permission is created for a process, on the widows notices are displayed.
9035On process window, pagination doesn't work correctly.


9042On process window, pagination doesn't work correctly.
9045When the Single Application is applied for a user, on IE the icon for unlocked doesn't display
9047A blank page is displayed on Authentication Source for all browsers.
9056With the new skin of PM new workspaces can't be created neither by the URL nor by the Enterprise.
9057Adjust the Process Information window on Home
9058When a new logo is uploaded, the window needs to be refreshed.
9059When a case is running an error message is displayed and the case cant' be continued.
9060On Designer Tab, it is displayed two columns which are not listed to be displayed.
9062When Heart Beat is activated save button must be disabled like other workspaces.
9066On the 3 browsers, menu is not refreshed, login in ProcessMaker displays the last execution that was made
9068On the Change Log, when "view" is chosen an error message is displayed.
9073On FireFox, On Home > New Case Process Information displays incomplete, it must needed to be maximized manually.
9074By clicking on Home it redirects to Inbox, and cases are displayed incomplete.
9078On Information it doesn't display the change log section on DynaForms.
9131Process Map information doesn't march with information of the Tracker Login, on process with parallel conditions.


We have come to the conclusion that Version 2.0.40 has stability, bugs which haven't been solved until this version are not critic, not affecting ProcessMaker global running.

The Quality Control team defines that, from this release, Safari and Opera are not browsers included for testing because solving the bugs presented on each browser will not be solved by development until new advice. Moreover, IIS server was not included as an official platform for tests.

Only upgrade and installation tests were made on Windows7, Microsoft-IIS 7.5, Php5.3 and Mysql5.1 servers.

When doing the installation from the beginning, there are some troubles, those explained on point IV.


The version 2.0.40 presents the following inconvenience::

  • Displays a different output documents on Windows7/ZendServer, this problem exists since PM 2.0.23. [ID:6871]
  • Dependent fields on grids. [ID:7657]
  • On mobile devices in Opera, duplicity of characters. [ID:8729]
  • Notices are being generated on the process map and at the same time it displays nonexistent groups like trash code. [ID:9035]
  • The tab on grids is not working on FireFox. [ID:9146]
  • Troubles when making several clicks on the submit button, it skips steps.
  • It is recommended to include in this version the “arialuni.ttf” archive, for output documents, it will avoid troubles when generating pdfs.
  • Verify the behavior of the new skin proposed by development, it may be causing some problems to the software.
  • When uploading a new Logo image, it does not fit on the correct size of PM, so it is recommended not to have distorted visualizations of horizontal image = 250 pixeles and vertical = 40 pixeles.
  • On Designer, the process map window of the running process must be closed to import, create a process and go back again. Once it is closed, the Designer menu will be display.
  • Notices are being displayed on the Admin - Users –Authentication section, when using the ldap option.
  • Colors on the process map were uniformed on the inbox and case tracker on the paused cases when the cases are following the flow, previously the inbox was grey color and by case tracker it turned into blue.
  • The visualizations of the following sections were changed with the interfaz ExtJs:

- When making the installation from the beginning with the skin uxmodern, the installation is showed in 5 steps, the last one stays frozen when it is been finished, to solve that problem, the screen must be closed to login on the site again.

- When finishing the installation the login labels appears empty, it will be fixed in other releases but meanwhile the next log in will bring the labels back to normal.

- New skin to PM named uxmodern, change the colors of the entire interfaz

- The configuration of E-mail now is different; there is a lock to enable the configuration.

- By the new skin proposed “uxmodern”, now you can browse between the different menus without losing changes made on both sub menus. For example if Designer has an open process and on the Admin menu is a mail configuration in process, both tabs can be seen at the same time.

- Until version 2.0.39 Heart Beat, was enable when installing, now the new skin allows its enabling after the installation. In future versions this option is expected to be enabled like older versions.

- The login option presents Enable Virtual Keyboard, it enables a virtual keyboard to password section, allowing an encrypted code to the user password.

- The System option has new applications allowing the skin configuration turn back to classic, changing the language, the time zone and also increase the limit memory.

- The Clear Cache option allows cleaning the Javascript cache, Forms metadata cache, Forms and Html templates cache.

- In the upper corner on right side, the login part displays two options: The Profile adding a menu next to Admin and the system information.

To execute the process, it is recommended to clean the cache browser several times, to have a major use of the new skin.