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Information About QA Report


Date:June 12th, 2012
Ref:Release 2.0.41

Plataforms Tested

Bugs reported as solved until 2012/06/11 11/06/2012 were tested. Platforms on which tests were done are detailed below:

OS VersionPHP VersionDB VersionInstallation Type


Os VersionBrowserLanguage
Windows 7PHP 5.2MySql 5.1UpgradeIE 9.0.8XX
Firefox 13.0XX
Chrome 18.0.1025.162XX


Centos 6.2PHP 5.2MySql 5.1UpgradeIE 9.0.8XX
Firefox 11XX
Chrome 18.0.1025.162XX
Windows 7 Zend ServerPHP 5.3MySql 5.1UpgradeIE9 9.0.8XX
Firefox 10.0.2XX
Chrome 18.0.1025.162XX


Bugs Fixed

Bug IDDescriptiontest 1test 2test 3test 4test 5
8903Status of paused cases does not changeNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
7657Dependent Fields don’t workNot RunNot RunFailedPassedPassed


69094PMFGenerateOutputDocument() doesn't work for Output Documents which have enabled...Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8898P.M. 2.0.39 - testing 2: Count number of uploaded files is not correct.Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9145Text instruction in Trigger Wizard for PMFSendMessage() function is wrong, asks.Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8777Processes are doubling and tripling in the "Process" dropdownNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9040The Task column doesn't update whith the last changes on the inbox listNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunNot Run
9035PM 2.0.40 testing3 On process permissions is not displaying groups that existedNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8893PM 2.0.39 testing 2 Triggers in some browsers have scrollbar and in others don’tNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9030when you claim a case on the unassigned list the "Steps" and "Actions" OptionsNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8840Next Step and Previous Link are missing when HTML is enableNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8880Change term "assignment" to "designation", when designating a user to workNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunNot Run
9004It doesn’t display an imported PM table through the Report Table optionNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8962The Events not being executed on "cron.php"Not RunNot RunFailedPassedPassed
9080Gramatical error on confirmation messages which are displaying on..Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
7978Checking out the SVN repository on Windows gives a double filename.Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8866PM 2.0.39 testing 2 Scroll Bar inferior en Dynaform - Condition Editor - Test...Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed


8845PM 2.0 testing 16 It is recommended to attach the export button on the submenu designNot RunNot RunFailedPassedPassed
8848PM 2.0 testing 16 On the admin section – Enviroment is not possible to read the..Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8897The image "Previous Step" doesn't have ID. It needs this like the image "Next StepNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9098Migrate Import Process to ExtJSNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9043Variable for Case Notes content neededNot RunNot RunNot RunNot RunNot Run
9090ZImbra Trigger IssuesNot RunNot RunNot RunNot RunNot Run
9038Can not reassign ad-hoc users to a caseNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9062PM 2.0.40 testing 3 Heart Beat to activate and do the option click the button...Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8984PMFNewCaseImpersonate(), WSNewCaseImpersonate() and newCaseImpersonate() should ...Not RunNot RunNot RunNot RunNot Run
9014SYS_CASE_PRIORITY variable doesn’t work correctly.Not RunNot RunNot RunNot RunNot Run
9023Knowledgetree and ProcessMaker show error to upload some documents "this row doe...Not RunNot RunNot RunNot RunNot Run
8973Replace all instances of json_encode() and json_decode() with G::json_encode() a...Not RunNot RunNot RunNot RunNot Run
9006When process supervisors change the values in a DynaForm, the changes are not re...Not RunNot RunNot RunNot RunNot Run
9016wrap text on the Cases ListNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunNot Run
8985Update comments for the PMFDerivateCase field to include the fourth parameter $s...Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9015Cases List OrderNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9015Cases List OrderNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8821PM 2.0 testing 16 Adjust text on chrome on Authentication Sources -Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8915change text: "Edit this page for customize the plugin"Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunNot Run
7725PM: 2.0.30 RC13: There is a problem with adding a taskNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunNot Run
8881Change "Derivation" to "Routing"Not RunNot RunNot RunNot RunNot Run
8881Change "Derivation" to "Routing"Not RunNot RunNot RunNot RunNot Run
8925PM 2.0.39 testing 3 When the Enterprise plugin is removed from a workspace it also removed...Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8805P.M. testing16: On IE 9 browser fields filled are lost..Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8910Advanced Dashboards - Tittle for dashletNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunNot Run
8884P.M. 2.0.39 - testing 2: Alert with "**ID_REQUIRED_NAME_DYNAFORM**" message (Brow...Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8950SQL queries using dbarray in DynaForms do not support line breaks in the SQL sta...Not RunNot RunNot RunNot RunNot Run
8909Change confusing text labels for defining Authentication SourcesNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8530Text changesNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8941If we set the validate the same as "Real Number" in the text field, it's allowed to...Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8919P.M. 2.0.39 - testing 3: The option "user experience" can be applied to user....Not RunNot RunNot RunNot RunNot Run
8803P.M. 39.testing2: on IE9 to enable debugging script it shows an error on JS.Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8759Last used search string in all search boxes is always kept for new searches alon..Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed


8819Last used search string in all search boxes is always kept for new searches alon..Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8860Problem with the grid when fields are summedNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8794P.M. 2.0-testting.16: Label "Nuevo" with a line down to assign steps to a ...Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8938PM 2.0.39 testing 3 to install Enterprise version 1.4 and update to .Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunNot Run
8933P.M. 2.0testing16: On IE9 and CHROME both languages, step list of…Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8932Untranslatable strings: Information>Process Information dialog, Information>Task...Not RunNot RunFailedPassedPassed
8917No error message displayed if a case executes an external step, but the external...Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8927P.M. 2.0.39 - testing 3: Currency mask doesn’t change when...Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9118Improving Cases List using Solr ( a search engine)Not RunNot RunNot RunNot RunNot Run
9214PM 2.0.41 testing 3 Fields created on view mode are not on view mod and it is possible to delete themNot RunNot RunNot RunNot RunPassed
9218P.M. 2.0.39: With the LDAP plugin v.1.4.26, doing an upgrade, and selecting Import User, and Select All, are not selectingNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9217PM 2.0.41 testing 3 Import button appears and disappears on the authentication sources section, this happens when ProcessMaker is upgradedNot RunNot RunNot RunFailedPassed

New Bugs

The following list gives a detail about new bugs found on the testing process for the current version. They should be considered and prioritized for their resolution en the following versions of ProcessMaker.

Bug IDDescription
9214Fields created on view mode are not on view mod and it is possible to delete them
9215On Chrome, a scroll is displayed when a process is selected, on Process Information "Category" option
9218With the LDAP plugin v.1.4.26, doing an upgrade, and selecting Import User, and Select All, are not selecting
9217PM 2.0.41 testing 3 Import button appears and disappears on the authentication sources section, this happens when ProcessMaker is upgraded


9216To change the language by system settings, the change is not reflected on the workspace.
8043Problem previous step on DynaForms
9146On grids using FireFox tab is not working.
9191When an old process with currency mask is imported to the new version field ;$ is displaying on its fields.
9234When a group is trying to be deleted, an error message is displayed
9060On Designer shows two columns which are not listed to be seen.
9035On process permissions is not displaying groups that are on the workspace
9297When a new skin is created and the uxmodern skin is selected an error message is displayed
9304P.M. 2.0.41-testing.5: Notice when a case, which is configured with single application, is derivated.
9305On the user list of the option Dashboard, blank options are displaying
9312When a new event is trying to be created, the action saved is not executed
9298User Roles on PM can’t be changed



• On version 2.0.41 61 bus were included, of which 44 were tested in all platforms, the rest (17) was marked as “not run” which means that they will be tested on the next version. Form the 17 bugs, two are related with Enterprise Version, which will be assigned to the corresponding release.

• In total it was made 44(bugs) * 3(servers) * 3(browsers) = 396 tests on testing5 because 44 bugs were tested don the three types of servers and the three types of browsers

• Due to the last version of testing testing 5 do not include the test with new installation, it is recommended to take into account release 2.0.41 as not an stable one.

• Bugs marked as “not run” are bugs not tested in this version either for lack of information, or for not having the additional structure or because the developers team decided not to solved the bug. This kind of bugs will be tested in the next version fo the core


The following list details the known issues at version 2.0.41:

  • Pending correction of some texts. ID:8880, ID:8881,ID:8910,ID:8915
  • Validation of the assignment of the simplified interface for administrators in the case of groups. ID: 8919
  • Using multiple lines on queries. ID:8950
  • Changes made by the supervisors in Dynaforms are not registered in log. ID:9006
  • Different view of output documents on Windows7/ZendServer, this problem persist from version PM 2.0.23. ID:6871
  • Duplicity of characters in mobile devices in Opera, ID:8729
  • If using Output Documents in this version we recommend to include the file “arialuni.ttf”. In that way the user will not have problems with the pdfs docs.
  • Using Grids on FireFox browser, tab is not working. [Bug ID:9146]
  • When old processes which have currency mask are imported, on fields it is displaying “;$”. [Bug ID: 9191]
  • When an event is created, is not possible to save, that window keeps frozen. [Bug ID: 9312]
  • When the Enterprise is loaded and it has the “uxmodern” skin selected, it displays the old “Classic” skin.
  • When a plug-in is either enabled or disabled, this change automatically with the “Classic” skin.
  • For the execution of process it is strongly recommended to clear browser cache frequently, to avoid problems with the new skin.