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Information About QA Report


Date:July 10th, 2012
Ref:Release 2.0.42

Plataforms Tested

Platforms on which tests were done are detailed below:

OS VersionPHP VersionDB VersionInstallation Type


Os VersionBrowserLanguage
Windows 7PHP 5.2MySql 5.1UpgradeIE 9.0.8XX
Firefox 13.0XX
Chrome 18.0.1025.162XX


Centos 6.2PHP 5.2MySql 5.1UpgradeIE 9.0.8XX
Firefox 11XX
Chrome 18.0.1025.162XX
Windows 7 Zend ServerPHP 5.3MySql 5.1UpgradeIE9 9.0.8XX
Firefox 10.0.2XX
Chrome 18.0.1025.162XX


Bugs Fixed

Bug IDDescriptiontest 1test 2test 3test 4test 5
8373Twice submisson on a button on IEPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
8392Problems loading a grid with many recordsPassedPassedFailedPassedPassed


8550User assignment on tasks by searchingFailedPassedPassedNot RunPassed
8798Dynaforms editor incorrect visualization of the title on the JS field, window should be higherPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
8801Upload window on the "Process File" doesn’t have an uniform layoutPassedPassedPassedNot RunPassed
8806Line break on the label "Retornar a la lista" (Browser: IE | FF | CR)Not RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8830Validate passwords on users with less than two characters at the moment of registering but not in the loginNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8847On the Admin - Email section when email is set up it shows the smtp and not the mail(php) configurationNot RunNot RunPassedNot RunNot Run
8847On Dynaform when a process is executing with the debug the lower scrollbar is not displayingPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8878In all browsers the condition button of the Conditional Editor screen es bigPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8878In all browsers the condition button of the Conditional Editor screen es bigPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed


8896On Users - Rols Manager text is missing as the name is placed for the other two roles on the sectionPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8899On User Experience on the log out it redirects automatically to the url according to the specific rol.FailedPassedPassedNot RunPassed
8914Read-Only Checkboxes in Grids are not saved as marked ("On")PassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8924On the derivation by selection the case is not derivating to the next task.PassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8926Scroll bar appears under the tabs in the "Steps of:" dialog boxPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8933The checkbox of the column "Visible",on the tab "Fields handler", is not working correctlyPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8942Dialog box to edit conditions for the Parallel By Evaluation routing rule is too narrowPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8975Warning message when assigning users to tasksPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9034To create a new permission for a process, on the window notices are displayingPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9044Problem with the incompatibility between the option skin and systemPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9046Problem in the login box with the uxmodern skinPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9048If some error is causing login in ProcessMaker it return to the layouts of the classic for the uxmodern skinPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed


9052A better icon for the box of the user dataPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9058To upload a new logo it’s applied on that moment, it must need to logout or refresh the screen.PassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9087Store Procedures which starts with BEGIN don’t work with executeQuery on TriggersNot RunPassedPassedNot RunPassed
9088KnowledgeTree and webEntry don't work when we try to upload some filesPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9091Problems sending a grid on the last parameter on the function PMFsendmessagePassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9102Inconsistent font in UIPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9106Mask on grids doesn’t allow decimals.FailedPassedPassedNot RunPassed
9147Error on a currency grid field when a decimal point is addedFailedPassedPassedNot RunPassed
9116"Next" button the "ProcessMaker Open Source License" screen of Installation wizard is deactivated when going backwardPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9167Grammar error when the Engine Exception error message is displayingPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9172Fields selected in a listbox are displaying darkerPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9173Incomplete generation of Output document with grid data (more than 300 rows)Not RunPassedPassedNot RunPassed
9118ProcessMaker Logo in skin UXMODERN is blurry (Icons also)PassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9173User experience Single ApplicationFailedPassedPassedNot RunPassed


9211Label error when is deleting a group on .po on EnglishPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9220Problems with checkbox fields on gridsPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9226gulliver propel-build-sql script needs a way to specify username and password of the databasePassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9238The Date field format changes when you want to edit.PassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed


9248Error message when using a DB Connection for a Report Table, with an external database connection.PassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9268It is not possible to use the Numeric Keypad to enter dates on date fieldsPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9248Calender ScrollbarPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9285A PM Table DynaForm field cant' be filled because the variable field doesn't appearfailedPassedPassedNot RunPassed
9294Simplified experience pluginsPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9295Single Application - SkinsPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
5682Different behavior in IE and CHROMNot RunPassedPassedNot RunPassed
8881Change "Derivation" to "Routing"Not RunPassedPassedNot RunPassed
8919"user experience" option can be applied to the admin userNot RunPassedPassedNot RunPassed
9040The Task column doesn't update whith the last changes on the inbox listNot RunPassedPassedNot RunPassed
9180Improving Cases List using Solr ( a search engine)Not RunFailedPassedNot RunPassed
9341Field with numeric validation does not accept digits using numerik keyboardNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9327When a grid field is required it isn’t validatedNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9327When a grid field is required it isn’t validatedNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9371PMFGetCaseNotes function was not inlcuded in the Wizard and wsGetCaseNotes is not listed on Web Services Test listNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9360Problem to enable and disable the email configuration on WindowsNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9371PMFGetCaseNotes function was not inlcuded in the Wizard and wsGetCaseNotes is not listed on Web Services Test listNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed


9330Reassign only shows last nameNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9312When an event is creating, it doesn’t execute the save actionNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9379Two users with the same username can be createdNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9401When a use role is changed it generates an error for the user_id when the name is checkingNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9399Dynaform editor when a JS is added in the dynaform and then click in preview a warning is displayingNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9407When a process with grids is executed there are two columns that are disabledNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9406It should be added on the upper side of the library an option to close it and return to the DesignerNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9411When many grids are selected the dependent fields don’t workNot RunNot RunNot RunFailedPassed
5755Fields values no longer available after readonly property selected.Not RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
6458Output documents are not appearing at Menu Information - Generated DocumentsNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
6505Users with the "PM_USERS" permission in their role can not access the Users tab, because they don't have an ADMIN menuNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
6577ProcessMaker is not compatible with HTML5 browsersNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
6926When right click the cases list under the Participated option on the left pane in PM....Not RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
7005In Inbox list is not appearing or appers null the SentBy column that indicates the UserNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
7068Output documents does not works with documents in PDF FormatNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed


7215Error editing Tables PMNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
7239New PM Tables do not allow to create and update reports from gridsNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
7364Cannot configure Advanced LDAP PluginNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
7374dependentfields - mode viewNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
7380Translation Problem. Appear TAGSNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
7426Error filling hintNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
7496Cannot open a case from 'Participated' view in 2.0.32Not RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
7876Problem spanish pluginNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
7914The Process file manager don’t do operations like copy or moveNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
8946Error message when the installation is finishedNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9171Problem on the grid sumNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9223Problem with the menu menu Advanced Search / Information / DynaformNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
8803Warning and notice messages during the user assignment on a task when there’s no groups createdNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9261On the Batch routing plugin the derivation label is not displaying and also the open function is not enabledNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9199External Registration 'fatal error'Not RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9177On the External Registration when a dynaform with grids is added, new rows can’t be addedNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
8959When click on the Actions by Email log plugin the corresponding window doesn’t openNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
8095Outlook plugin after opening an output the screen turns white and the case can’t be recoveredNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
8879Need help with reference to the colors of the tasks on "tracker/login"Not RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
8829Forgot Password genera un Fatal ErrorNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9229Problem with the key window of the ProcessMap.Not RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9193With the external registration when selecting the User email as Username more than once, the user shouldn’t be createdNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9109With the external registration when selecting the User email as Username more than once, the user shouldn’t be createdNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9109Entering to Authentication Sources, no information is displaying, for any browserNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9110A warning is generated to change workspaces from an url in all browsers making an upgradeNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9047Entering to Authentication Sources, no information is displaying, for any browserNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
8735To edit the calendar changes are not saved, this occurs with Holidays and Work HoursNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
8667With the Copy option inside a calendar, an error message is displayingNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
8877When a mail is configured for the first time a message "Notice: Undefined index: MESS_PASSWORD" is displayingNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed


9183Using the Summary, lables are displaying with asterisksNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9130When Enterprise is loaded, with the uxmodern skin, it redirects automatically to the old login screenNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
8764To export process with long names, either the title is displaying or the scroll is showingNot RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed

New Bugs

The following list gives a detail about new bugs found on the testing process for the current version. They should be considered and prioritized for their resolution en the following versions of ProcessMaker.

Bug IDDescription
9215When selecting a process in Chrome, a scroll appears in the option “Category” in Process Information
9216when changing the language by system settings, the workspace does not change
8043Issues in previous step in Dynaforms
9146Tab is not working in grids with FireFox


9191when importing old processes with currency mask, the new version shows on their

fields ;$

9297when creating a new skin and selecting the uxmodern, it displays an error message
9304Notice on case derivated which is configired with single application
9305Dashboard option on the List Users, shows blank options
9312When trying to create a new event, the “save” option is not executed
9297Users Roles can not be changed in PM
9368Cron script not reading timezone configuration
9369In debug mode the content of an array variable is not display.
9370NewCaseImpersonate function not working when start task of process to instance is assigned to group and not to user
9398when creating a dynaform and a the user enters a fieldname of another existent field, it stays in red besides upgrading
9402Documents do not have a label on the column when activates
9428Participated does not show the user assigned because the start date does not have a value
9437Admin - Settings -System -Memory limit does not increase the memory



In ProcessMaker 2.0.42, 102 bugs were tested. None of them were classified as not run. The total of bugs reviewed were 102, and 36 types of testings were made for each one, giving a total number of 3672.

The additional week of delay for the release , allowed to include for this release the test of 41 new bugs.

Functional tests were also added in ProcessMaker.


The following list details known issues in version 2.0.42:

  • Different visualization of output documents in Windows7/ZendServer. This problem has been known since release PM 2.0.23. [Bug ID:6871]
  • Duplicated characters in Opera for mobile devices. [Bug ID:8729]
  • In this version when using Output documents, it is recommended to use the file “arialuni.ttf” to avoid troubles generating pdf’s.
  • When using grids with FireFox, the key tab, is not working. [Bug ID:9146]
  • When importing an old process with currency mask, to this new version displays on the fields the character: “;$”. [Bug ID: 9191]
  • When a plugin has been Enabled or Disabled, it changes immediately to the “Classic” skin.
  • To upgrade the enterprise plugin without problems, it is recommended to give the appropriate written permissions in the installation to ProcessMaker folders.
  • When upgrading ProcessMaker, it is recommended to clean the server and browser cache, it will ensure the usage of the new functionality. To clean the cache, use the option: Configuration / Settings / Clean Cache in ProcessMaker.