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Information About QA Report


Date:August 14th, 2012
Ref:Release 2.0.43

Download the complete Report

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Plataforms Tested

Platforms on which tests were done are detailed below:


OS VersionPHP VersionDB VersionInstallation Type


Os VersionBrowserLanguage
Windows 7PHP 5.2MySql 5.1Upgrade/New InstallIE 9.0.8XX
Firefox 13.0XX
Chrome 18.0.1025.162XX


Centos 6.2PHP 5.2MySql 5.1Upgrade/New InstallIE 9.0.8XX
Firefox 11XX
Chrome 18.0.1025.162XX
Windows 7 Zend ServerPHP 5.3MySql 5.1Upgrade/New InstallIE9 9.0.8XX
Firefox 10.0.2XX
Chrome 18.0.1025.162XX


Bugs Fixed

Bug IDDescriptiontesting 3testing 4testing 5testing 5testing 7
4797Task reassignment removes the case from the process starters viewsfailedPassedPassedPassedPassed
4861New "PROCESSMAKER_MANAGER" role needs to have a namePassedPassedPassedPassedPassed


4986Email notification is not workingPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
4992ProcessMaker is using "Value Based Assignment" for the wrong task in processPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
5147function PMFgetUserEmailAddress() needs correct documentation header in source codePassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
5359Trigger wizard should indicate that the return value variable is optionalPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
5479Character encoding and conversion in case messagesPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
5542login request changing the password to allow loginPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
5737The cron.php script should write something in the shared/log/cron.log file when a new case started or an event is executedPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
7361problem with Chinese characters while sending emailsPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
7374dependentfields - mode viewSolvedNot RunNot RunNot RunPassed


7426Error filling hintSolvedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
8065There is a problem when we try to run the cron in pmos 2.0.34PassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
8362Case cannot be reassigned via web servicesFailedPassedPassedPassedPassed
8369Problem when using the new editor for PM Tables with Database Connections ...PassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
8379Eliminate space from front of string " PM Table DynaForm"PassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
8382Tabs in the DynaForm Editor should automatically expand for long translations (or turn off word wrap)PassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
8396Need to increase width of <td class="tableOption"> holding "New" for longer translationsPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
8390Deleting an input document file or attached file in the ProcessMaker interface, should also delete that file in the file systemPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
8406Suggests does not pop an error when invalid valuePassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
8441Remove period at end of phrase "By default the checkbox is marked for option "After routing notify the next assigned user(s)."PassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
8445Error message when using a non-existing Case ID in the Inbox "Jump to" field.FailedPassedFailedPassedPassed
8457Problems reassigning cases to other users under HOME>ReassignFailedPassedPassedPassedPassed


9042On Process page, there isn’t a good pagination of the process.PassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9045When it is applied the single application on IE for any user, there is no icon to logoutPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9068On Change Log, when clicks on “View” it display an error messagePassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9124Condition button of the Condition editor is big in all the browsersPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9135When upgrading form version 2.0.39, the ended cases looks like "Pending" on the cases listPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9136Employment Application Process, web entryPassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9137The ProcessMaker header and menu disappears when saving a DynaForm in Chrome.PassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9147Error on a currency grid field when a decimal point is addedFailedPassedPassedNot RunPassed
9140Fix code to make the JavaScript function contractExpandSubtitle() work correctlyPassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9167Grammar error when the Engine Exception error message is displayingPassedNot RunPassedNot RunPassed
9146Tab on grids doesn’t work on FireFoxPassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9154Function PMFGenerateOutputDocument displays a deprecated error on version 2.0.40PassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9155Problems sending Notifications by SMTPPassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9160Change many phrases in the new installation wizard in v2.0.40PassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed


9162parallel join after parallel evaluation not workingPassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9191When an old process is imported with currency mask, the new version shows ;$ iconFailedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9200@@APPLICATION variable emptyNot RunPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9207Users List Sort OrderPassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed


9212Message error trying to open a case that doesn’t existFailedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9215Scroll showed in Chrome when selecting a Process on Process Information "Category" optionPassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9216When changing the language by system setting, the environment does not changePassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9221Unable to change authentication source on existing usersPassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9222Problems upgrading variablePassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9231NetworkError: 404 Not FoundPassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9232Error Creating Report TablePassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9233Not possible to edit PM TablePassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9236New dashlet disordered when creating themPassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9254Javascript doesn't execute on first load in DynaForm Editor; have to load twice to execute new JavaScript codePassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9260Internet Explorer 9 Dynaform Grid CompatibilityPassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9262Wrong message when the enterprise edition is deletedPassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed


9278The label in a case complete is wrong, you can see it on completed list it say "To do" or "Por Hacer"SolvedNot RunNot RunNot RunPassed
9218In a case the legend information on "Information->Process Map" seems to be incompletePassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9287The variable picker for the trigger editor does not show grid variables in the listPassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed


9291Creating user via web services - no option to set expiry datePassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9293SKINS LAYOUTS overwritedPassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed


9296User Experience - skinsPassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9297Error message when creating a new skin and selecting uxmodernPassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9298It can’t change user roles on PM.PassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9304Notice when a case which is configured with the single application, is derivated.PassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9306The JavaScript function saveAndRedirectForm() saves the data, but does not redirect the framePassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9307In version 2.0.40, the skin redirects from "uxmodern" to "classic"PassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9309Can't search group in pages greater than page 1PassedPassedPassedPassedPassed


9311Fields Handler and Preview DynaForm dissapear when a field on Fields Handler is editedPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9312When a new event is trying to be created, the save action is not executedSolvedNot RunNot RunNot RunPassed
9313Can't "activate" a GROUP with status "inactive"PassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9318Cases located in a lower level in IE9PassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9319Problems with Case LabelPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9326Unable to connect to Oracle databasesPassedNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9327When a field on a grid is required is not valid.PassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9332Case Notes FieldPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed


9333On a Manual Selection screen It is possible to click and start threads for all options by clicking on all of themPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9334IE -> Task -> Notification -> Change Plain Text to HTML and then try to select again PlainPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9335IE/FF -> Task -> Notification -> Edit Notification tab then change to Case labels goes back to notification. It is emptyPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9336Hidden field: Mode Edit/View??PassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9337Hint with “commas” and/or "apostrophes" is not working.PassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9338Grid Field... allows saving when there are no grids yet.PassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9339New Field, try to use an existing name validates. After it try to rename. it does not validate anymorePassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9340Add column and then cancel. the “row” stills therePassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9341Field with numeric validation does not accept digits using numeric keyboardSolvedNot RunNot RunNot RunPassed
9353PHP Short tags errors in Webservices testPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9355WSDL Issue. soapActionPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9358Problems with grids (readonly field) on IE.PassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9360Troubles when Enabling and disabling EMAIL configuration in WindowsPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9361validateForm JS errorPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9363What is the difference between Default lang in Login and SystemPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9365When upgrading the application from 2.0.41, grid variables do not allow adding fieldsPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9366The button to continue or cancel from import window is not appearing.PassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9368Cron script not reading time zone configurationPassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
8879Need help with reference to the colors of the tasks on "tracker/login"Not RunNot RunNot RunPassedPassed
9369In debug mode the content of an array variable is not display.PassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9370NewCaseImpersonate function not working when start task of process to instance is assigned to group and not to userPassedPassedNot RunPassedPassed
9371PMFGetCaseNotes function was not included in the Wizard and wsGetCaseNotes is not listed on Web Services Test listSolvedNot RunNot RunNot RunPassed
9377APP_FINISH_DATE is set to 1902-01-01 00:00:00 when routing case using webservicesPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9378PM 2.0.42 testing 1 When the skin aqua or orange is applied then it is applied to uxmodern some issues are generatedPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9379Two users with the same user name can be createdPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9380Data Loaded on a grid by triggerPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9386Version 2.0.41 - Able to create duplicate user ids.PassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9387Version 2.0.41 - When editing user details the final user should change their user ID.PassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9388Case nr. and Title configurable to appear or not in the dynaform.PassedPassedPassedPassedPassed


9395Documents IssuePassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9398PM 2.0.42 testing 3 When creating a dynaform with a fieldname of another existent field, it keeps in red color even if it is upgradedPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9399Warning generated in Dynaforms editor when using javascripts with previewPassedPassedPassedPassedPassed

New Bugs

The following list gives a detail about new bugs found on the testing process for the current version. They should be considered and prioritized for their resolution en the following versions of ProcessMaker.

Bug IDDescription
9447adjust the copyright of the skin uxmodern and correct the question mark
9449Problems with reassign and review in Home. It does not display due to a problem in solr
9451Notices on Triggers Wizard
9463When the skin is changed by Admin-Settings-Skin, to classic, a notice and fatal error is displayed


9482Solr reindex error


9488Execution of script with function WSNewCaseImpersonate only run the first time
9489Self-Service derivation generates a message asking to select a a user, it does not allow to go on with the process execution
9523Designer is not validating the backwards spaces to create process, so it allows the creation of several process



On version 2.0.43, 177 bugs were tested, five of them are classified as “Not run” , they will be tested on Enterprise Edition and one of them will be tested when new version of French will be delivered, and the last bug will be fixed for version 2.0.44.

177 bugs were checked and 36 types of test were made, (chart 1) one by one, with a total of 6372 tests. The one week delay of the release allowed us to include on this release three new important bugs, those related to the functionality of events in ProcessMaker.


The following list shows the known issues on version 2.0.43:

  • Different viewing of output documents on Windows7/ZendServer, this problem is known since release PM 2.0.23. [Bug ID:6871]ç
  • Double characters for Opera mobile devices. [Bug ID:8729]
  • On this version it is recommended to use “arialuni.ttf” to avoid problems with the generation of PDF documents.
  • Combination of Shift+Tab does not work on grids with currency fields.
  • When the enterprise plugin is disabled, it changes automatically to “Classic” skin.
  • When a plugin is either enable or disable for a process, it changes automatically to “Classic” Skin.
  • To upgrade the enterprise plugin without problems, it is recommended to give writing permissions on the installation for ProcessMaker folders.
  • To upgrade ProcessMaker it is recommended to clean up the browser and server cache, to ensure the usage of the new functionality. To clean cache it is recommended to use the option Configuration / Settings / Clear Cache.
  • If Solr functionality is using for searching cases lists support is not included.
  • Cases notes and notifications are troubled in this version, due the notification arrives with another one in blank, this is a random problem and it is reported as a bug. [Bug ID:9616]