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Information About QA Report


Date:October 9th, 2012
Ref:Release 2.0.44

Platforms Tested

Platforms on which tests were done are detailed below:

OS VersionPHP VersionDB VersionInstallation TypeOs VersionBrowserLanguage
Windows 7PHP 5.2MySql 5.1Upgrade/New InstallIE 9.0.8XX
Firefox 13.0XX
Chrome 18.0.1025.162XX
Centos 6.2PHP 5.2MySql 5.1Upgrade/New InstallIE 9.0.8XX
Firefox 11XX
Chrome 18.0.1025.162XX
Windows 7 Zend ServerPHP 5.3MySql 5.1Upgrade/New InstallIE9 9.0.8XX
Firefox 10.0.2XX
Chrome 18.0.1025.162XX

Bugs Fixed

Bug IDDescriptiontesting 3testing 4testing 5testing 6
3889Change the default option for "Next Step Link" under DynaForm "Properties"PassedPassedPassedPassed
4094More case information needed from getCaseInfoPassedPassedPassedPassed
4119Need web service for updating user accountsPassedPassedPassedPassed
4596Filter the user/group list once added to the permission list and separate the user and group dropdownPassedPassedPassedPassed
4763Reason when canceling/pausingPassedPassedPassedPassed
4869Download link on dynaform in view modePassedPassedPassedPassed
4893Some character set problems in "Region or State" names when filling out user informationPassedPassedPassedPassed
6192It might be very useful that PMFNewCaseImpersonate returns the application UID, same with webservicePassedPassedPassedPassed
5737The cron.php script should write something in the shared/log/cron.log file when a new case started or an event is executedPassedPassedPassedPassed
6506Users who do not have the PM_FOLDERS_VIEW permission should not have a "Documents" option in their HOME SidebarPassedPassedPassedPassed
7144PM. 2.0.30 RC6. No esta validando las horasPassedPassedNot RunNot Run
7328Case title change (in case lists) is delayedPassedPassedPassedPassed
7333Admin/Environment/User Name Display Format Settings not working.PassedPassedPassedPassed
7338User profile " Replaced by " doesn't work when PM derivate a case.FailedPassedFailedNot Run
7360capitalize function mess with exotic charactersPassedPassedPassedPassed
8038Case Scheduler add a way to schedule tasks more often than DailyPassedPassedPassedPassed
8226Report Tables in ProcessMaker 2.0.35 is not viewable in IE8.PassedPassedPassedPassed
8472Group Syncs not getting all usersNot RunNot RunNot RunNot Run
8529Change "exists" to "exist" in many phrasesPassedPassedPassedPassed
8722Delete Row on Grid Clears $_SESSIONPassedPassedPassedPassed
8853Adding the cases from "unassigned Folder" to simplified User ExperiencePassedPassedPassedPassed
9005userInfo() returns the state or region for the ['city'] keyPassedPassedPassedPassed
9012Hide Step ListPassedPassedPassedPassed
9042On Process page, there isn’t a good pagination of the process.PassedPassedPassedPassed
9065PM 2.0.40 testing3 While passing the cursor for the bottom section of the Designer, buttons activate visually it means it protrudesPassedPassedPassedPassed
9069Suggested code fix to upload files to AlfrescoPassedPassedPassedPassed
9115P.M. 2.0.40 testing3: When a logo is uploaded it doesn’t display at that moment, the window must be refreshedPassedPassedPassedPassed
9228Change the source code to allow negative numbers in currency fieldsFailedFailedFailedNot Run
9443In Centos 5.4 Is not possible to do the restore a backup file of ProcessMaker.PassedPassedPassedPassed
9422Intermediate message event does not run for cases automatically scheduledFailedPassedPassedPassed
9445Editing dropdown box it is not keeping the alterations.PassedPassedPassedPassed
9464Numeric fields don't accept numbers from AZERTY keyboardPassedPassedNot RunPassed

New Bugs

The following list gives a detail about new bugs found on the testing process for the current version. They should be considered and prioritized for their resolution en the following versions of ProcessMaker.

Bug IDDescription
9447adjust the copyright of the skin uxmodern and correct the question mark
9449Problems with reassign and review in Home. It does not display due to a problem in solr
9451Notices on Triggers Wizard
9463When the skin is changed by Admin-Settings-Skin, to classic, a notice and fatal error is displayed
9482Solr reindex error
9488Execution of script with function WSNewCaseImpersonate only run the first time
9489Self-Service derivation generates a message asking to select a a user, it does not allow to go on with the process execution
9523Designer is not validating the backwards spaces to create process, so it allows the creation of several process


On versión 2.0.44, 200 bugs were tested, 10 of them were marks as Not Run, one of the will included to be tested on the Enterprise, two of them will be solved on 2.0.45, and three of them will be solved in a month since the ProcessMakaer 2.0.44 release date. It’s worth mentioning that two bugs were added, they will be solved in a month since the ProcessMaker 2.0.44 release date.

In total, 200 bugs were checked, and 36 types of testings were performed (table 1) for each one with a total of 7200 tests The additional time on delaying the release for 3 months, allow to include on this release 25 new bugs. Finally, functional tests were performed on ProcessMaker which are detailed in table 2.



The following list details known issues with version 2.0.44:

  • To upgrade Enterprise plugin without problems, it is recommended to give written permissions on ProcessMaker install folders.
  • When a new version of ProcessMaker is updated, it is recommended to clean the cache to assure the correct apply of the new functionality. The clean cache option is available in Configuration / settings / clean cache option.
  • In case of using Solr functionality for searches, it has not been supported yet Cases List.
  • Cannot forbid users to delete input documents [6974]
  • Participated - Sorting doesn't work for Current User Column [8477].
  • Change the source code to allow negative numbers in currency fields [9288]
  • Problem entering hours with an edit mask. [7144].
  • Problem while a new language is uploading in Zend Server [9902].