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Information About QA Report


Date:November 20th, 2012
Ref:Release 2.0.45

Platforms Tested

Platforms on which tests were done are detailed below:

OS VersionPHP VersionDB VersionInstallation Type


Os VersionBrowserLanguage
Windows 7PHP 5.2MySql 5.1Upgrade/New InstallIE 9.0.8XX
Firefox 15.02XX
Chrome 22.0XX


Centos 6.2PHP 5.2MySql 5.1Upgrade/New InstallIE 9.0.8XX
Firefox 15.02XX
Chrome 22.0XX
Windows 7 Zend ServerPHP 5.3MySql 5.1Upgrade/New InstallIE9 9.0XX
Firefox 15.02XX
Chrome 22.0XX


Bugs Fixed

Bug IDDescriptiontesting 1testing 2testing 3testing 4
8477Participated - Sorting doesn't work for

Current User Coloumn

9288Change the source code to allow negative numbers in currency fieldsPassedPassedPassedPassed


7338User profile " Replaced by " doesn't work when PM derivate a case.PassedPassedPassedPassed
6974Cannot forbid users to delete input documentsPassedPassedPassedPassed
9924Participated list only display TO_DO casesPassedPassedPassedPassed
9926Add a new RTL Skin to support Arabic LanguageFailedFailedPassedPassed
10032Translation error when upgrading from 44 to 45 and log in on Al hacer upgrade de la 44 a 45 and log in in all server----PassedPassed
10034Designers labels can't be seen when upgrading from 44 to 45----PassedPassed
10036It is not doing a good count on Documents pagination----Not Run
10052Problems installing on testing 2----PassedPassed
10055By entering to the cron option on log page it shows a translation error.----FailedNot Run

New Bugs

The following list gives a detail about new bugs found on the testing process for the current version. They should be considered and prioritized for their resolution en the following versions of ProcessMaker.

Bug IDDescription
10062PM allows changing the language on any language that was not imported.
10065When a page of new case is loaded or any other functionality it displays an error.
10066with English language, trying to load an input document labels of the window are in Spanish
10079When loading the Spanish language on CentOS displays an error



On version 2.0.45, 11 bugs were tested, with upgrade and new installation on the three servers. It is worth mentioning that in the last test performed four bugs were added, they will be proposed do be included on the next version.

In total, 11 bugs were checked, and 36 types of testings were performed (table 1) for each one with a total of 396 tests


The following list details known issues with version 2.0.45:

  • To update Enterprise plugin without any problems it is recommended give write permissions on the ProcessMaker folders installation.
  • Performing the upgrade of ProcessMaker it is recommended clear not only browser cache but also server cache, to assure the use of the new functions. To clean cache use the option Configuration / Settings / Clear Cache en el ProcessMaker.
  • Moreover, it is recommended to clean content of theCompiledfolder, after updating the code. to clean cache delete the folder:>rm -R -f /opt/processmaker/shared/compiled/.

Also it is recommended to clear language cache by entering to labels folders and clean cache of the necessary languages. To clean cache enter to the folder:

rm -R -f /opt/processmaker/workflow/engine/js/labels/[language].js
rm -R -f /opt/processmaker/shared/META-INF/translation.[language].

In the case of using the new Solr function to do searches, it is not included support for case lists.

Problems entering hours with editable masks7144.