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Check new documentation about features and improvements added on version 2.5.1, as well as updated documentation related with fixed bugs. Documentation will be split into sections.

Process Permission

Message History Permission: A user or a group of users, depending on how the permission is set, will have access to resend messages sent during the execution of a process, and also will see the preview of each message sent.

Managing Cases

When a case is about to be paused, user will be able to select the hour when case will be paused.

Managing DynaForms

Adding subtitles inside a dropdown: The addition of subtitles will help users to categorize their queries, specially if they have to insert more than one query inside a dropdown.


In the Trigger editor the following improvements has been included:

  • Set colors according to the php function inserted
  • Show a function list.

ProcessMaker Functions

It was not possible to create a new case using the PMFNewCaseImpersonate when the process has various starting tasks, now the taskid was added as a parameter to indicate which is the task to be used to start a new case impersonating.

Commands to execute

./processmaker migrate-cases-folders To manage the issue with 32k folders, this command migrates documents inside ProcessMaker Folders .

Consulting ProcessMaker Databases

SEQUENCE table was created in order to avoid the creation of duplicate cases.