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Current Version: 3.9.0 (March 27th, 2024)

Release Notes Version 3.9.0

PM Classic

Learn how to develop business solutions in ProcessMaker Platform while maintaining your existing ProcessMaker 3 solutions in PM Classic: the perfect bridge between your new and existing solutions with a state-of--the-art BPM platform.


Step-by-step examples and video tutorials to help you become familiar with ProcessMaker 3.

User Guide

Learn how to design your own processes, while discovering all the available BPM elements in ProcessMaker 3. Let's get started!

Developer Info

Learn how to program in ProcessMaker 3 with PHP and JavaScript and remotely access it through the REST API to build your own interfaces.

Enterprise Features

The ProcessMaker Enterprise Edition offers many new features, performance improvements and plugins.

System Administration

All the information to install ProcessMaker 3. In addition, how to configure the language, email server, skin, calendar, plugins, and other settings in ProcessMaker 3.

Helpful Resources

Find out more information, get additional help and learn how to translate ProcessMaker 3.

Site Map

A listing of all the documentation pages for ProcessMaker 3.

ProcessMaker Platform Winter 2024 is available

Read ProcessMaker Platform documentation

Read ProcessMaker Platform Winter 2024 documentation to learn more about the next-generation intelligent business process management software (iBPMs) platform for the enterprise.