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Are you ready to experience the best of both worlds? Upgrade to ProcessMaker Platform and enjoy the new and improved BPM technology of ProcessMaker 4, while still being able to run and maintain your existing ProcessMaker 3 processes through the PM Classic feature! PM Classic feature.

Discover the power of ProcessMaker 4, the next-generation intelligent business process management software (iBPMs) platform for the enterprise. Automate form-intensive, approval-based processes across departments and systems with ease. Empower business users from finance to IT to HR to design and run their own workflows — no coding experience required. Unlock the potential of ProcessMaker 4, the next generation of iBPMs and experience a fresh, new way of working:

Discover the incredible benefits that ProcessMaker 4 brings to your team, and take your organization to a whole new level of excellence! Make every second count!

ProcessMaker 4 ProcessMaker 3
Full use of the BPMN elements in the Process Modeler Conceptual BPMN elements in the Designer without real use
One by one element use to be more intuitive One element can have different uses that break BPMN element concepts and not easy to understand
Design elegant forms with no-code Dynaforms in some cases require code to have good results
Actions by Email works offline to work without an Internet connection Actions by Email just work online
Dashboards allow any type of filtered search Advanced Dashboards are restricted to some filters
Real-time Business Activity Monitoring Monitoring depends on a report, chart, or dashboard