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Check new documentation about features and improvements added on version 3.0 GA.

Process Designer

Message Events

HTML5/Responsive DynaForms

  • Add support of SubForms.
  • Add new Grids.
  • Javascript support. (code mirrow)
  • javascript extensions (upload custom javascript libraries in forms)
  • Variables support (Variables are at the process level and are global. They can then be used in forms after they are created.)
  • Import/export dynaform in JSON format.
  • Support to upload files in forms and grids (file field)
  • Improve datepicker control.
  • Add preview of forms in different platforms. (desktop, tablet, phone)
  • Responsive forms. (build once run on: desktop, tablet, phone)
  • New field container.
  • New UI/UX.
  • Multilanguage support.
  • Extensive Dynaforms with panels.