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The env.ini file is used to set the configuration for the system. In version 2.0.40 and later, it is no longer necessary to manually edit the env.ini file, since most settings are available in the System graphical interface found at ADMIN > Settings > System. Nonetheless, the env.ini file can still be manually created and edited.

Note: The env.ini file is overwritten when upgrading ProcessMaker.

Adding manually the env.ini file

If the env.ini file needs to be added, download the file here and use a plain text editor (such as Notepad in Windows or vim in Linux/UNIX) to edit it. Then move the file to this location:


It is generally found at:

Windows XP/Server 2003:
C:\Program Files\ProcessMaker-2_X_X\processmaker\workflow\engine\config\env.ini
Windows Vista/7/8/Server 2008:

By default, the env.ini file has the following content:

debug = 0 ; To set the time zone uncomment the following line. ; For valid time zones check ;time_zone = "America/New_York" ; To set a different memory limit, uncomment the following line. ; For more info ;memory_limit = "100M" ; To turn off caching of web services calls, uncomment the following line. ;wsdl_cache = 0 ; To set a default skin, uncomment the following line ;default_skin="neoclassic"

Note: If planning on uploading large files, generating large Output Documents or exporting large processes, it is recommended to set the memory_limit to 256M or greater. This same value should be set for the memory_limit in your system's php.ini file.

Most of the settings can be enabled by setting them to 1 and disabled by setting them to 0. Settings which are strings should be enclosed in double quotation marks. Lines beginning with ";" (semicolons) are treated as comments and are ignored. Remove the semicolon to uncomment the setting.

Available Settings:

  • debug_sql = 0|1
Set to 1 to log all SQL queries to the wf_<WORKSPACE>, rb_<WORKSPACE> and rp_<WORKSPACE> databases in MySQL. Default is 1. For more information, see MySQL Logging.
  • debug_time = 0|1
Set to 1 to log the time for web requests to be processed by ProcessMaker. Default is 0. For more information, see Time Logging.
  • debug_calendar = 0|1
Set to 1 to log information about calendars. Default is 0.
  • wsdl_cache = 0|1
Set to 0 to disable the caching of WSDL (Web Services Description Language) function calls. The default is 1, so WSDL function calls are cached for up to 24 hours, which increases the reliability (especially if there are connection problems), but caching can make it hard to debug a problem in web services, because immediate execution is often needed for debugging.
  • memory_limit = "XM"
Set the maximum amount of memory (in megabytes) available for each login session. The recommended amount is 128M in version 2.5.1 and earlier and 256M in version 2.5.2 and later.
Note: This same amount should be set for the memory_limit in the server's php.ini file.
  • default_skin = "SKIN-NAME"
Set the skin which will be used by ProcessMaker by default (although the user can change this skin by editing the URL in the web browser). See ProcessMaker skins for a list of available skins.