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ProcessMaker v. 2.0.38 (Release date: March 13th, 2012)

ProcessMaker 2.0.38 is released with 3 new features!

1. A new user experience option named “Single Application” that simplifies what the user will see after login bringing him directly to its next “to do” case.

When it ends the case and derivate it to next user it will open the following next case.


2. Another requested feature included is a view for Input & Output documents inside Case Summary window. Two tabs that appear always and show allowed Input and Output documents for that case.


3. Checkbox field is now available for Grids.


Fixed bugs

  • Most important bugs related with Simplified user Experience were fixed (Javascript execution, output & input document step visualization). Related bugs 8644.
  • Fixed an error that causes to lost dependencies in grids after adding/removing many rows. Related bugs 8357.
  • Process debug mode Before dynaform breakpoint enabled. Related bugs 8432.
  • ProcessMap Discriminator has been removed. Related bugs 8276.
  • PMSendMessage trigger “from” parameter accepts again this format “Name <>”. Related bugs 8438.


  • Simplified User Experience second version has been improved
  • Dashboard and Dashlets platform improved to handle Enterprise Advanced Dashboards
  • View permission for documents doesn’t allow to delete file
  • Adjustments to Form Save button/action to prevent “double” submission


  • Single Application
  • Case Summary new tabs for Input and Output documents.
  • New field type in Grid: Checkbox

Known Issues

  • Zend Server Output Document differences between DOC and PDF. Related bugs 6871.
  • When language is different form English in Chrome in Report Table creation (from Admin side) list of processes is not being displayed correctly.
  • Formula operations in grids not working correctly with masked fields
  • Show/Hide events created with Condition Editor not working properly on a Simplified user Experience. Related bugs 8638.
  • In debug state and a language different from English Triggers are not being shown.
  • Print Dynaform under Simplified User Experience & Supervisor view is not working. Related bugs 8640.
  • Editable Dates with Hour mask not working properly. Related bugs 8718.
  • There are some missing labels for Simplified user Experience. Related bugs 8717.
  • Issue saving Password field under Email setup. Related bugs 8615.

  • Languages (

  • English (Default core language).
  • Spanish (Updated for 2.0.38).