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 Current GA Version: The list of plugins below belong to ProcessMaker version 2.5.x and 2.8. To learn more about the Enterprise features of ProcessMaker version 2.8, please visit this page.

Productivity Tools Silver Gold Platinum
Custom Case List Builder
Simple Reporting
Advanced Dashboards
Version Upgrade Manager
Batch Routing from Inbox 
Case Scheduler FTP Monitor 
Workflow Actions via Emails Wizard 
External User Registration Wizard 
Service Level Agreements Manager 
Business Rules Engine 
Enterprise Data Search
Advanced Performance Monitor Dashboards (*) 
Case Archive/Restore  
Multi-Tenancy Management (**)  
Multiple Input Document Uploader 
PowerUp Extended Fields  
Integration Tools & 3rd Party IntegrationsSilverGoldPlatinum
Advanced LDAP/AD sync
Knowledgetree DMS Connector 
SigPlus Signature Pads for Electronic Signatures 
Single Sign-On with Active Directory 
Microsoft Outlook Connector 
Pentaho Business Intelligence Connector  
  • (*) Advanced Performance Monitor Dashboards are included in Cloud Only for Gold and in Cloud & On-Site for Platinum plans.
  • (**) Not available in Cloud.

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