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This document contains information about which features will become or have been marked as deprecated and will NO longer be supported or available in future versions. Each deprecated feature section contains a workaround to help users achieve the same functionality without major issues.

Take into consideration that from the moment a feature is declared as deprecated, no new functions will be added to the feature, and bugs will not be fixed.

Wiki Information

The ProcessMaker wiki page of the deprecated feature will contain a warning message at the top of the page or at the beginning of the feature section. The warning message indicates when the feature was deprecated, and what to use instead.

Deprecation Mark in a Dynaform

As of ProcessMaker 3.4.0, to make deprecated features easily recognizable inside the ProcessMaker designer, a red exclamation icon displays on the deprecated feature's button, as well as in the Dynaform designer, as shown in the images below.

In the Web controls palette, users can click this icon to display a message with additional information about the feature.

This message includes:

  • Deprecation Version: The version of ProcessMaker in which the feature is marked as deprecated.
  • Reason: A brief description of why the feature is being marked as deprecated.
  • Alternatives: Possible alternatives or workarounds.

Inside the Dynaform, users can see an information tooltip by hovering the control.

If the feature is included in a Dynaform, the deprecation icon displays in the Dynaform in design mode, and a warning message displays at the top of the Dynaform to inform ProcessMaker architects about the deprecated feature.

Deprecated Features in a Dynaform

This section lists all deprecated features in Dynaforms.

Feature Deprecated Version Deprecated Reasons Use Alternatives Graphic
File control ProcessMaker 3.4.0
  • Cannot upload more than one file at a time.
  • Doesn’t work correctly in grids as it is not shown in the next steps.
  • Files are uploaded synchronously at the time of saving the form, making it too slow to move to the next step, especially where there are multiple files to be uploaded.
  • The file uploaded cannot be removed from the control.
  • Variable structure doesn’t support versioning.
Multiple File Control

Deprecated Features - Plugins

To know deprecated and not supported plugins, see Supported plugins for ProcessMaker version.

Other Deprecated Features

This section lists other deprecated features out of Dynaforms.

Feature Deprecated Version Deprecated Reasons Use Alternatives
The HTML2PDF generator ProcessMaker 3.3.0 The HTML2PDF generator does not work on installations over PHP 7.X. The TCPDF Generator