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The ProcessMaker Enterprise Edition offers features, performance improvements and plugins.

Additionally, ProcessMaker supports both Classic and BPMN process versions. Classic processes only work with plugins. BPMN processes work with features and plugins supported by them.

  1. Installation guide
  2. Enterprise Feature/Plugins Manager Tool
  3. Supported plugins for ProcessMaker version

Enterprise Features

Feature Plugin Name Open Source Standard Corporate Enterprise
Basic Dashboards
BPMN 2.0 Process Designer
HTML5 Responsive Form Designer
Output Document Builder
User Management
User Portal
Connector Library Installed as Plugin pmConnectors
JavaScript Functions and Methods
ProcessMaker PHP Functions
Service Tasks
Actions By Email
Batch Routing
Custom Case Lists
Document Management System Installed as Plugin pmDMS
Email Response (It is part of the Actions by Email)
Enhanced Home Experience (EHX) Installed as Plugin (Supported until ProcessMaker 3.5.x) Enhanced Home Experience
Enterprise Search Installed as Plugin Enterprise Data Search
External Registration Wizard Installed as Plugin externalRegistration
FTP Monitor Installed as Plugin pmFtpMonitor
Multiple File Uploader
Multiple Input Document Uploader Installed as Plugin pmInputDocumentUploader
Multiple SendMail Addresses and Servers
PowerUp Functions Installed as Plugin pmPowerUp
Process Documenter Installed as Plugin Process Documenter
Process Validator
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Monitor Installed as Plugin pmSLA
Task Metrics
User-Based Language Settings Management
User-Based Time Zone Management
Business Rules Installed as Plugin pmBusinessRules
Advanced Dashboards Installed as Plugin advancedDashboards
Data Reporting Tools Installed as Plugin Data Reporting Tools
Simple Reports Installed as Plugin pmReports
Advanced LDAP/AD
Google Authentication Installed as Plugin pmGSuiteAuth
Windows Single Sign On
SAML Authentication Installed as Plugin SAML Authentication
ProcessMaker Mobile
Android & iOS Native Apps Available in the
Android and iOS Market
Audio attachment field
Finger signature field
Offline mobile forms
Photo attachment field
QR Code Scanner field
Realtime Google Maps
Video attachment field
SAML sign on
Security and Scalability
Advanced Audit Log
Advanced Security for User Passwords
Enhanced Login Installed as Plugin pmEnhancedLogin
Plugin/Trigger Code Security Scanner
Promotion Manager
Advanced Performance Monitor Dashboards (*) Installed as Plugin advancedDashboards
Independent Read and Write Database Management
Reseller/OEM Features
Multitenant Manager (**) Installed as Plugin Multitenant Workspace Management

(*) Advanced Performance Monitor Dashboards are included in Cloud Only for Gold, and in Cloud & On-Site for Platinum plans.

(**) Not available in Cloud